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Article Number Created On Title Product Feature Jira Code Reported Version Resolved Version
KA-04672 ELITE - 2020 Individual return - IITR.730078, IITR.730080, ETP issue Elite Tax ET-5828 Reckon Elite (all versions)
KA-04636 ELITE - IITR 2020 - Q7 worksheets are not printing out due to possibly ET-5574 Elite Tax RE-490 Reckon Elite (all versions)
KA-04616 7004 Error Code Elite Tax ET-5825 Reckon Elite (all versions)
KA-04582 ELITE - 2020 Individual return - shared rental - RNTLPRPTY.000105, RNTLPRPTY.000107 Elite Tax ET-5823 Reckon Elite (all versions)
KA-04553 ELITE - IITR.730381 Elite Tax ET-5806 Reckon Elite (all versions)
KA-04535 ELITE - 2020 IITR PAYG instalments incorrectly print with bad formatting Elite Tax RE-410 Reckon Elite (all versions)
KA-04522 ELITE - IITR.730075 - Australian Government allowances and payments like Newstart, youth allowance and austudy payment must be provided Elite Tax RE-263 Reckon Elite (all versions)
KA-04517 ELITE - Other foreign income amount are not behaving correctly. Causing validation errors IITR.310076 and IITR.300056 (losses error) Elite Tax RE-428 Reckon Elite (all versions)
KA-04516 ELITE - When Item 7 has 0 offset entered, the entry at T2 is disabled not allowing the user to enter the details Elite Tax RE-320 Reckon Elite (all versions)
KA-04508 ELITE - 2020 individual IITR.730456 Total current year capital gain is incorrect Elite Tax - Calculations RE-427 Reckon Elite (all versions)