Before you start

Cloud Service is the Gateway to our future products and evolving partner ecosystem.  Click here to check if you have activated your Cloud Services. If you haven't got Cloud Services activated, start by checking your pre-requisites below. If you do have Cloud Services, jump to the section on activating Contacts+ to ensure you are running.

Check Pre-Requisites

The following are a list of pre-requisites required for the installation of Cloud Services and use of dependent products. 

Activate Cloud Services

If you have met all the pre-requisites for Cloud services you can go ahead and read our install guide to follow the steps of activating your cloud service.
You will require a Tenant ID to configure the service, which you can request below.  This will also include setting up Contacts+ integration.

Request Activation
  1. Activate Cloud Services Account 
  2. Configure APS System Settings
  3. Install services
  4. Configure User settings
  5. Activate user accounts

Users can now start using:

Activate Contacts+

If you activated Cloud Services before December 2020, you may still need to activate Contacts+ to take advantage of integration with Workflow+ and our Partner products.

Request our Technical team to help you with the integration.

Request Contacts+

Activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

To enhance your practice security to APS cloud data, please active MFA (Mult-Factor Authentication) on your APS cloud tenant. Once enabled, all users connected to your APS cloud tenant will be required to set up MFA either through the SMS option, or via any general authenticator application.

•    Activate Cloud Services;
•    Activate Contacts+  (this enables User Management+ which is required for the firm to manage and control any users that may need to reset MFA)
•    Activate MFA.

Activate MFA