Article Number Created On Title Product Feature JIRA Code Reported Version Resolved Version
KA-04879 PHI details does not flow through with the start date and end date APS Forms TAX-1566 Tax 2021.0.1
KA-04812 CMN.ATO.IITR.730092 firing on Prelodge APS Forms TAX-513 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04783 Inner Exception : Exactly one TangleHandler is expected for target class: NonEmployerSuperannuationFundABN APS Forms Tax-1105 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04770 VR.ATO.TRT.432431 in Trust Return where the Gross amount is negative under Item 23 APS Forms TAX-1180 Tax 2021.0.0 Tax 2021.1.0
KA-04761 CMN.ATO.IITR.730088 APS Forms TAX-1163 Tax 2021.0.0 Tax 2021.1.0
KA-04751 CMN.ATO.IITR.000600 - All private health insurance policy details required APS Forms TAX-1140 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04741 Exception generation: Type Format Exception error when manually updating the Effective Life of Assets APS Forms TAX-1123 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.1.0
KA-04631 Include inactive items in client copy option does not print state and post code for beneficiaries APS Forms TAX-950 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04586 Enter values in the AMIT Tax Schedule - Multi-Class AMITs section APS Forms TAX-708 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04574 ATO indicator is unable to process Lump Sum Payment in Arrears Offset APS Forms TAX-699 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04566 VR.ATO.IITR.300105 APS Forms TAX-826 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04559 VR.ATO.IITR.730198 Unfranked Dividends are not populating in Label S APS Forms TAX-810 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04545 CMN.ATO.IITR.730094 Other net foreign source income must be provided APS Forms TAX-751 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04537 Errors Occured Do you want to create a Blank Statement Return Activity Statement TAX-705 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04528 CMN.ATO.IITR.730486 Partnerships and Trusts deductions code calculated based on the information in the income details schedule doesn't match the code on the main form. APS Forms Tax-693 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04527 CTR.438085 when the base rate entity question is answered Yes APS Forms TAX-668 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04525 Changes to dividends paid does not update the Individual return APS Forms TAX-691 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04506 CGNFT32 SBR Error APS Forms TAX-677 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04501 -2147217833 : String or binary data would be truncated Activity Statement TAX-676 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04498 LCMSF Lodgement error CMN.ATO.LCMSF.000225 APS Forms TAX-674 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04491 Part A Amount Disappears when Print Option is changed. APS Forms TAX-659 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04490 ELD Creation Appears to be Creating Malformed PDFs. APS Forms TAX-665 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04488 VR.ATO.TRT.432787 firing incorrectly APS Forms TAX-633 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04471 Tax Manager Shrinks after Printing of Tax Returns Tax Manager (APS Tax) TAX-527 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04469 Lodgement error CMN.ATO.IITR.730359 Foreign income tax offset amount is incorrect APS Forms TAX-661 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04465 xbrl01, xbrl03, xbrl04 and GM error - when TFN missing for R&D Schedule APS Forms TAX-656 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04461 CMN.ATO.IITR.310076 with 2 or more amounts of other net foreign source income APS Forms TAX-655 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04448 IITR.730293 & IITR.730294 APS Forms Tax-1235 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04446 Unable to load selected page error when clicking on Return Details Tax Manager (APS Tax) TAX-638 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04439 Prelodge error CMN.ATO.GEN.XML03 where Managed fund has NZ franking credit APS Forms TAX-637 Tax 2020.4.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04438 IITR.730457 upon Prelodge and Lodgement APS Forms TAX-635 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04431 Return with 100 Assets Failed to Roll Over APS Forms TAX-625 Tax 2020.4.0
KA-04427 CMN.ATO.IITR.300011 and XML04 error during pre-lodge due to zeros in Managed Fund worksheet APS Forms TAX-622 Tax 2020.4.0 Tax 2021.1.0
KA-04426 Total of Acquisition Cost Printed Incorrectly APS Forms TAX-621 Tax 2020.4.0
KA-04424 Prelodge error - CMN.ATO.IITR.730412 APS Forms TAX-585 Tax 2020.4.0
KA-04413 INCDTLS.000025 Error - Australian Government benefit tax withheld amount must not be provided APS Forms TAX-609 Tax 2020.4.0
KA-04404 VR.ATO.GEN.438010 triggered with PSI as Type of Activity for Business Income APS Forms TAX-593 Tax 2020.4.0
KA-04402 Printing Reconciliation of tax to accounting income APS Forms TAX-591 Tax 2020.4.0
KA-04399 Prelodge error - CMN.ATO.IITR.730412 APS Forms TAX-585 Tax 2020.4.0
KA-04388 CMN.ATO.GEN.001009 Activity Statement TAX-538 Tax 2020.3.1 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04380 2020 PAYG Instalment Prefill from ATO not populated to Label T5 & T7 Activity Statement TAX-521 Tax 2020.4.0
KA-04359 XML error while Prelodging and Lodging the return APS Forms TAX-500 Tax 2020.3.1
KA-04355 XBRL foreign source income others error during prelodge APS Forms TAX-492 Tax 2020.3.1
KA-04354 /tns:INCDTLS.../tns: TaxPay As You Go Withholding Credit Tax Withheld Employment Termination Payment A during pre-lodge APS Forms TAX-491 Tax 2020.3.1 Tax 2021.1.0
KA-04353 Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object error when synchronizing rental data APS Forms TAX-490 Tax 2020.3.1 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04352 Postal address incorrectly completes Line 2 with another address in ASCRPT APS Forms TAX-488 Tax 2020.3.1
KA-04345 CMN.ATO.IITR.730088 from trust distribution with foreign income APS Forms TAX-480 Tax 2020.3.1
KA-04339 Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object error when rolled over from 2019 to 2020 APS Forms TAX-466 Tax 2020.3.1
KA-04336 CMN.ATO.GEN.XML03 Error Upon Lodgement APS Forms TAX-465 Tax 2020.3.1
KA-04335 Individual and company return not displaying when creating in Tax manager APS Forms TAX-462 Tax 2020.3.1