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Article Number Created On Title Product Feature JIRA Code Reported Version Resolved Version
KA-05585 2022 PAYG Instalment Prefill from ATO not populated to Label T5 & T7 Prefill TAX-2803 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05558 Incorrect HELP repayment Calculations TAX-2782 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05553 Client address details not updating in return Console Issue Tax Manager & Elite Forms 2022.1.0
KA-05549 Invalid column name 'atlfinal'. In GetRows (-2147217900) Tax Lists TAX-2765 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05542 Pre-lodge error CMN.ATO.CTR.428355 R&D label mismatch APS Forms Tax-2677 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05535 Registered Business Name in Tax Manager Integrity Check Console Issue TAX-2705 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05515 Aggregate Turnover for Payment Times Reporting Central Console TAX-2689 Tax 2021.1.0
KA-05509 Motor vehicle depreciation is not calculating using the Depreciation Cost Limit APS Forms N/A Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05507 Excel data import check box values and error listing APS Forms TAX -2575 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05502 AMIT returns showing as not rollable type in batch processing while bulk rolling over Batch Processing Tax-2612 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05498 Pre-lodge error CMN.ATO.CTR.500222- Income liability 2018-19 must be greater than 0 and tax rate in 2019-20 must be provided. Validation Errors TAX-2638 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05496 Rental income and Foreign income not showing in the facsimile copy APS Forms Tax-2630 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05485 Incorrect year printing at Item 59 - Beneficiary under legal who is presently entitled to income from another trust. APS Forms TAX-2610 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05467 CMN.ATO.IITR.EM0070 error in Refund of Franking credits return Lodgement (APS Tax) N/A Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05450 Tax Agent sorting alphabetically instead of retaining last used in batch processing Batch Processing TAX-2551 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05444 Printing Issue: Incorrect year shown under Medicare Levy Surcharge Non-Product Issue TAX Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05412 International Dealing Schedule- Maximum occurrence of fact in document must be 1 error Validation Errors Tax-2533 Tax 2022.1.0
KA-05312 HAS ERROR = TRUE; ERROR = UNKNOWN COMMAND IN C:\Adv2000\TaxForms\TE0001AS.DLL appears when creating activity statement Elite Forms (APS Tax) NA Tax 2022.0.0 Tax 2022.0.0
KA-05260 Error pops up when entering the Tax Agent Details in Fee Earner console Console Issue N/A Tax 2021.3.0
KA-05226 Installation: Error message pops up when trying to run the Update Schema Non-Product Issue NA Tax 2021.0.0
KA-05108 APS 2021 Individual return- CMN.ATO.INCDTLS.000163 APS Forms (Individual) TAX-2006 Tax 2021.2.0
KA-05105 APS 2021 Company Return- VR.ATO.CTR.428057 APS Forms (Company) TAX-2004 Tax 2021.2.0
KA-05091 CMN.ATO.INCDTLS.000176,000178, 000180, 000182, 000194, 000196, 000197, 000246 due to shared Managed Funds APS Forms (Individual) TAX-1974 Tax 2021.2.0
KA-05070 Printing issue with 2010 Trust return APS Forms TAX-1932 Tax 2021.2.0
KA-05010 TPAR returns for 2021 lodging as 2020 Financial Year with the ATO APS Forms TAX-1894 Tax 2021.2.0
KA-04964 CMN.ATO.GEN.DUPLICATE.ENTRY- Duplicate Entry found for this lodgment APS Forms (Individual) Tax-1765 Tax 2021.1.0
KA-04951 FBT62 - Contact person email address is mandatory APS Forms (FBT) TAX-1737 Tax 2021.1.0
KA-04879 Private Health Fund income details do not flow through to Item M2, Label E due to missing Date health cover started and ended. APS Forms TAX-1566 Tax 2021.0.1
KA-04812 Individual return: CMN.ATO.IITR.730092 APS Forms TAX-513 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04761 CMN.ATO.IITR.730088 APS Forms TAX-1163 Tax 2021.0.0 Tax 2021.1.0
KA-04751 CMN.ATO.IITR.000600 - All private health insurance policy details required APS Forms TAX-1140 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04574 ATO indicator is unable to process Lump Sum Payment in Arrears Offset APS Forms TAX-699 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04545 CMN.ATO.IITR.730094 Other net foreign source income must be provided APS Forms TAX-751 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04537 Errors Occured Do you want to create a Blank Statement Return Activity Statement TAX-705 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04525 Changes to dividends paid does not update the Individual return APS Forms TAX-691 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04506 CGNFT32 SBR Error APS Forms TAX-677 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04501 -2147217833 : String or binary data would be truncated Activity Statement TAX-676 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04491 Part A Amount Disappears when Print Option is changed. APS Forms TAX-659 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04490 ELD Creation Appears to be Creating Malformed PDFs. APS Forms TAX-665 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04471 Tax Manager Shrinks after Printing of Tax Returns Tax Manager- Other (APS Tax) TAX-527 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04465 xbrl01, xbrl03, xbrl04 and GM error - when TFN missing for R&D Schedule APS Forms TAX-656 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04461 CMN.ATO.IITR.310076 with 2 or more amounts of other net foreign source income APS Forms TAX-655 Tax 2020.5.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04448 IITR.730293 & IITR.730294 APS Forms Tax-1235 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04446 Unable to load selected page error when clicking on Return Details Tax Manager- Other (APS Tax) TAX-638 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04439 Prelodge error CMN.ATO.GEN.XML03 where Managed fund has NZ franking credit APS Forms TAX-637 Tax 2020.4.0 Tax 2021.0.0
KA-04438 IITR.730457 upon Prelodge and Lodgement APS Forms TAX-635 Tax 2020.5.0
KA-04431 Return with 100 Assets Failed to Roll Over APS Forms TAX-625 Tax 2020.4.0
KA-04427 CMN.ATO.IITR.300011 and XML04 error during pre-lodge due to zeros in Managed Fund worksheet APS Forms TAX-622 Tax 2020.4.0 Tax 2021.1.0
KA-04426 Total of Acquisition Cost Printed Incorrectly APS Forms TAX-621 Tax 2020.4.0
KA-04424 Prelodge error - CMN.ATO.IITR.730412 APS Forms TAX-585 Tax 2020.4.0