Article Number Created On Title Product Feature JIRA Code Reported Version Resolved Version
KA-04523 Errors when running the Tax Manager 2021 Q1 version control Tax Manager ANT-344 TAX NZ 2021.Q1
KA-04504 Not all returns appear in the 'No Notice' column of the Tax Notices area Tax Notices / NOA ANT-323 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20 TAX NZ 2021.Q1
KA-04487 Unable to carry a residential rental loss forward to the next year in an IR8 return Rental ANT-312 TAX NZ 2020.Q3
KA-04481 Incorrect IR8 losses assessment figure where a loss has been brought forward Tax Manager NZTAX-287 TAX NZ 2020.Q3
KA-04456 Unable to open the IRD website from Tax Returns Console "Page not available" IRD Website ANT-282 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAX NZ 2021.Q1
KA-04455 Unable to create IR833 return if another return already exists Central Console ANT-278 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 25.11.20 TAX NZ 2021.Q1
KA-04440 Printing issues when visiting the IRD Website from the Central Console link IRD Website ANT-266 TAX NZ 2020.Q3
KA-04435 Unable to run a tax list for 2021 APAY transactions Tax Lists ANT-253 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 25.11.20
KA-04430 The AC liable field for Shareholder Salary is not editable Tax Manager ANT-249 TAX NZ 2020.Q3
KA-04428 Tax reports show a blank page Reports NZTAX-4626 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04417 Changing the calculation date in an IR8 causes an Unexpected Error Central Console ANT-230 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04415 Expenses are being included in ACC liable earnings Tax Manager ANT-222 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04405 Returns set to No Lodge Required can be e-filed in some scenarios Tax Manager ANT-233 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04403 Tax is calculated on Trustee income even when it's under $1 Tax Manager ANT-234 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04401 When tax is calculated on trustee income, it's including the cents portion when it shouldn't Tax Manager ANT-234 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04396 When changing a Provisional type from Standard to Voluntary, the incorrect amount is e-filed Tax Manager ANT-231 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04393 Loss B/fwd Validation errors occur in an IR6 where Business/ Rental income is a loss Tax Manager ANT-223 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04391 Cannot make the validation date of an IR8 a date in the past Tax Manager ANT-230 TAXNZ 2020.04 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04386 Error when opening Compliance Administration Compliance Admin ANT-226 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04377 In Tax Manager, some Balance Sheet IR10 amounts are showing as negative instead of positive Tax Manager ANT-218 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04370 Loss offsets in an IR4 do not show in the shareholder's IR3 return Tax Manager ANT-211 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04346 The Tax Summary report shows Terminal Tax before the return is synchronised, and Net Tax once synchronised Reports ANT-193 TAXNZ 2020.04 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04343 The IR6 tax schedule report includes Details of Other income incorrectly Reports ANT-188 TAXNZ 2020.04 TAX NZ 2020.Q3
KA-04328 The 901 application takes a long time to open IR901 Processing ANT-160 TAXNZ 2020.04 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04327 Ledger balances - prov balance incorrect IR901 Processing ANT-134 TAX NZ 2020.Q3 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04324 The net tax in an IR8 tax summary report is incorrect in some scenarios Reports ANT-153 TAXNZ 2020.04 TAXNZ 2020.Q3 HF 11.11.20
KA-04310 Ledger not responding in Central console Central Console ANT-135 TAXNZ 2020.04 TAX NZ 2020.Q3
KA-04293 WfFTC do not show in the ledger balances screen IR901 Processing ANT-121 TAXNZ 2020.04 TAX NZ 2020.Q3
KA-04272 IR8 Lodgement date does not populate Tax Manager NZTAX-4866 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04268 In some scenarios, IRD transactions are disappearing from the ledger Tax Ledger NZTAX-4795 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04264 The net tax has an amount in the ledger before the return is synchronised Tax Ledger NZTAX-4859 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04261 The Net residential keypoint 19 in an IR3NR does not open correctly Tax Ledger NZTAX-4860 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04207 The Best Start tax credit calculation excludes any paid parental leave Family Assistance NZTAX-4816 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04193 Ledger transactions are being auto-discarded in the ledger Tax Ledger NZTAX-4567 TAXNZ 2020.04 TAXNZ 2020.04 Hotfix
KA-04148 Tax Summary report ignores voluntary Prov when calculating Provisional tax Reports NZTAX-4733 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04145 NZ Tax ledger cannot distinguish between certain IRD transactions, leading to incorrect Auto-matching Tax Ledger NZTAX-4742 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04140 Tax refund transfers not generating correspondence in some instances Reports NZTAX-4718 TAXNZ 2020.04 TAXNZ 2020.04 Hotfix
KA-04137 In Tax Manager reports, the margins of the self employment summary report are not equal. Reports NZTax-4717 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-04029 The Family Group Summary does not take into account net tax written off Family Group Summary NZTAX-4661 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-03992 Error in Tax Manager when exporting jobstreaming reports Tax Manager NZTAX-4619 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-03980 Residential rental income does not appear on the Family Group Summary Tax Manager NZTAX-4614 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-03957 The disclaimer has an additional blank page Reports NZTAX-4608 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-03956 Transactions auto-discarding Tax Ledger ANT-185 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-03932 Income Tax Summary formatting issue with Converted Imputation Credits converted to losses Reports NZTAX-4584 TAXNZ 2020.04 TAXNZ 2020.04 Hotfix
KA-03793 Trust losses are appearing on the notice of Assessment detail as family assistance Ledger Balances NZTAX-4204 TAXNZ 2019.08 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-03579 IRD are not actioning overseas tax credits distributed to beneficiaries in an IR6 return Tax Manager NZTAX-4204 TAXNZ 2019.08 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-03551 Use of Money interest calculator not calculating correctly Use of Money NZTAX- 4305 TAXNZ 2019.08 TAXNZ 2020.04
KA-03159 Transactions appearing in wrong period Tax Notices / NOA NZTAX-4167 TAXNZ 2019.08 TAX NZ 2020.Q3
KA-03110 GST Frequency auto populates when not set in Client Console Tax Manager NZTAX-1974 TAXNZ 2019.08
KA-03045 Ledger Balances showing wrong Bold indicator when in a future year IR901 Processing NZTAX-4097 TAXNZ 2020.04