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Article Number Created On Title Product Feature JIRA Code Reported Version Resolved Version
KA-05465 Error illegal characters in path when opening projects WM Application CPR-1606 WM 3.0 (2022.03) Hotfix
KA-05435 Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection WM Application CPR-1557 WM 3.0 (2022.03)
KA-05388 iManage 10 connection issues - Unable to open Central Console or Projects after upgrading to Workpaper Management 3.0 WM Integration CPR-1533 WM 3.0 (2022.03) Hotfix
KA-05379 WM: Unable to print 'notes' from Workpaper Projects WM Application CPR-1425 WM 3.0 (2022.03)
KA-05363 WM 3.0 issue - iManage Work Item Templates - default settings for cloud integration not saving WM Integration CPR-1457 WM 3.0 (2022.03) WM 3.0 (2022.03) Hotfix
KA-05351 WM 3.0 issue with iManage Work Item Template default settings not saving WM Administration CPR-1423 WM 3.0 (2022.03) WM 3.0 (2022.03) Hotfix
KA-05280 Users can't access Projects after upgrading to Workpaper Management Version 3.0 WM Client Project AL-1654 WM 3.0 WM 3.0 (2022.03)
KA-04593 Documents Opening in Read-Only after Virtual Cabinet upgrade to 4.5.1 WM Client Project AW-72 WM 2.6 WM 3.0
KA-04223 Incorrect Syntax error WM Application AW-64 WM 2.6 WM 3.0
KA-03715 WM Team Roles rights allocations are not saving WM Project Teams AW-60 WM 2.6
KA-01784 Error Incorrect syntax near '=' VC – Document Linking WM Client Project AW-15 WM 2.6 WM 3.0