Article Number Created On Title Product Feature JIRA Code Reported Version Resolved Version
KA-05064 An issue with Virtual Cabinet integration when using a customised index WM Integration AW-86 WM 2.6
KA-04593 Documents Opening in Read-Only after Virtual Cabinet upgrade to 4.5.1 WM Client Project AW-72 WM 2.6
KA-04223 Incorrect Syntax error WM Project Manager AW-64 WM 2.6
KA-04011 Notes Field - Tree View - does not refresh detail WM Client Project AW-62 WM 2.6
KA-03715 WM Team Roles rights allocations are not saving WM Project Teams AW-60 WM 2.6
KA-03684 Project teams rights not applied by Projects WM Project Teams AW-56 WM 2.6
KA-01784 Error Incorrect syntax near '=' VC – Document Linking WM Client Project AW-15 WM 2.6