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Managed Services

Do you love the functionality of your APS products, but upgrades disrupt your business? Is one of your staff members responsible for this task, taking them away from other work? Do you fall behind on your upgrades because other work takes priority? Here's how we can help.
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Online Learning

Have some new starters and want to build out your on-boarding process?  Have a look at our range of videos to help your team up skill with online training.
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APS Service Requests

Need assistance from our experienced consulting and technical teams?  Embarking on a Optimisation or Server Migration Project?  Here are some resources to consider and/or request our team for assistance with the following: If you can't see what you're looking for, log a request with our success team for assistance. 

Please note this is only for additional services.  If you are having any issues, please contact our support team here for quick assistance. 
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Now is the ideal time to set up bulk emailing of invoices and statements (and Tax notices in NZ). Email templates can be used to send your Invoice & Statement electronically in bulk.
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Many of my clients are asking for varied credit terms, how do I manage this?
You may need some flexibility when setting credit terms for clients on a case by case basis – 14 days may suit the majority but what if you want to set – 28 days? 90 days? Even 180 days? We have made visible the Credit Terms attribute where you can record this information. This can then flow through to invoices depending on your specific invoice layout.
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Practice IQ

How to I upgrade to the latest Practice IQ 10.1?
Find out what is included and involved with a Practice IQ Upgrade. When you ready, let us know and we'll book you in.
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Server Migrations

It is time to upgrade our servers, where do I start?
Before you embark on a Server Migration project, see what's involved, and complete the questionnaire early so we can work together on how we can help.
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Analytical Solutions

What else can my team do to get more value quickly from the APS Solution?
Browse the APS Analytical Solutions communityHere you will find solutions aimed to provide instant value through small packaged offerings, using our existing technical solutions of Practice IQ and Business Process Automation as a base. These have been built based on direct feedback from the APS Client base. We now have the opportunity to share these great solutions across our APS community. 
For example, a focus on granular detail in timesheet data with the purpose of highlighting the changes to the type of work being achieved across different timeframes, comparing daily, weekly or monthly activity. 

We are continually looking at all of our solutions and evolving them to help our clients in any way we can. Please feel free to contact us with any of your ideas as well… we are here to help.
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How do I track and manage all of these adhoc general enquiries?
There has been a marked increase in high volume general ad hoc enquiry Activities from new and existing clients. The challenge here is how do we capture, assign and communicate well around these tasks seamlessly, whilst many of us are working remotely. PM Activities are a way to keep track of these communications and the tasks that may come from them – consider it a virtual Post-It Note. You can take down details about conversations with clients that you might have passed on verbally in the real world and then allocate and track tasks that have come from these.
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