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Maximising the return on your investment

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Over more than two decades in the industry, we’ve worked with literally hundreds of the world’s leading Practices. We know what it takes to stay ahead of the game, and we’d like to share that wealth of experience with you.

We understand that Optimisation is a continually evolving process. It starts with a review of your current systems and procedures, brings you up to speed with the best-of-breed, then lets you choose which elements are the best fit for your Practice.

And it’s not just about deploying the shiniest new tool - sometimes a fresh perspective may be all you need. Success means an optimal solution, where the six key elements combine to help you get the most from your people and your tools. At APS, we know your business, and we’re here to help.


Information Management

Information Management is about putting the answers to your questions at your fingertips.

It is vital that data is:

  • Relevant to the different areas of the Practice
  • Accurate, complete, and consumable in different ways
  • Organised, to be easily understood and maintained
Find out what you can do today to optimise your data.

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Managing your Workload

Managing your Workload is about effectively managing the expectations of your clients, and your team. Meeting your service delivery promises means:

  • Keeping teams on target to reach their KPIs
  • Scheduling your engagements and planning for the future

Find out what you can do today to improve resource visibility and optimise capacity.

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Collection to Completion

Collection to completion focuses on the engine room of your Practice - the compliance work that fuels your business and drives new opportunity.   By improving information accessibility, and increasing efficiency by reducing double handling, we can create the time and space for you to add value for your clients and positively impact their business.

  • Consistent process, consistent output
  • Reduced turnaround
  • More time to add value
Find out what you can do today to optimise your Delivery process.

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Streamline your Cashflow

Positive cashflow management is the cornerstone of a successful Practice. Collecting your fee for service quickly and without question means:

  • Improving client engagement
  • Shortening the billing cycle
  • Integrating and automating debt collection
Find out what you can do today to optimise your Cashflow.

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Practice Insights

Providing insight is all about knowing where you’ve been, how you got there, and where you’re headed next.  It means empowering everyone in your team to take ownership through increased transparency and accountability. 

Analysing and interpreting data to make informed decisions is what drives your Practice forward.

  • Practice Insights are for everyone
  • A little preparation goes a long way
  • Flexible and relevant information delivery

Find out what you can do today to optimise your Insights.

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Growing your Practice

Growing your Practice is about leveraging the power of your relationships to take your business to the next level. Your ideal clients already love your work, and can be a great source of new business.

  • Clearly define your service offerings
  • Understand the gaps to create opportunities
  • Track opportunities and analyse new business results

Find out what you can do today to optimise your Growth.

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Request your obligation free Optimisation Session

To get the best out of this process, we recommend that your initial obligation free Optimisation Kick-Start session is three hours. This session will be onsite with you and experienced members of our team. Key things to consider ahead of our session with you:

  • Optimisation Website:  Take a look around our optimisation website to get familiar with each of our six key processes.
  • People:  Select your appropriate team members early.  Ideally, we would recommend a Strategic Partner and Operational Manager from within your Practice as a minimum to attend this meeting as well as any other team member who is empowered to make decisions and effect change.
  • Survey Questions: Feel free to take a look at the survey questions for each section so you can get an idea of the key measures of success.

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