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  • Consistency process, consistent output
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • More time to add value

Collection to completion (C2C) focuses on the engine room of your Practice - the compliance work that fuels your business and drives new opportunity. By reducing double handling, increasing efficiency and access to information, we can create the time and space for you to add value for your clients.

C2C isn’t just about speeding up production, it is also about improving the quality of your outputs. Whether it's standardising workflow processes, digitising checklists and content using Workpaper Management, or simply using our standard reporting packs for relevant, compliant financial statements, APS has you covered.

The process

1. Collection

Ensuring you have all the data and supporting information required to start and complete each project as efficiently as possible is the easiest way to reduce processing times and create capacity for higher value services.

2. Transformation

Adding value for your clients. Making it easier to move data into (and out of) your internal systems without re-keying. A focus on maximising integration and adding automation can uncover hidden capacity and potential across your team - extra time that can be used more effectively, supporting a shift from annual compliance projects to periodic management advisory services.

3. Delivery

Producing compliance outputs with improved delivery and turnaround times. A focus on the advisory tools you can use to demonstrate your team's expertise more effectively and get information to your client in a timely manner. From reducing paper internally, it becomes a natural progression to review methods for helping your clients make that transition themselves.

Keys to optimise your Delivery

Find below the key areas that will assist you optimise your Delivery.


Collection is the first bottle-neck in your compliance process. Many accountants manually enter client accounting movements into their general ledger applications for financial reporting.


Financial statements are at the core of your Practice. It is important they are prepared quickly, consistently and correctly. Standardise your content and processes using Workpaper Management and generate concise, compliant financial statements with our annually updated Xcede Financial Reports.


Prepare, lodge, and track your clients' tax affairs with APS Tax. Optimisation in tax is all about automation with bulk rollovers, integration between APS Tax and XPA, and accurate return tracking information.


Leverage your existing client data to open up revenue streams through easy, relevant and customisable reporting tools.


Tools to consider

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XPA Xcede Professional Accounting
Tax Tax Management
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BPA APS Business Process Automation Learn more...
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ReckonDocs Company Formations Learn more...
Virtual Cabinet A document management solution that can also provide a client portal. Learn more...
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