Product Functional Areas

End User

Central Console Navigation

Searching for clients
Navigating around Central Console
Review Design Layout
Launching other applications

Client Data

Searching for clients on the Central Console
Viewing Client details
Viewing/Changing Attributes
Viewing/Changing Addresses
Viewing/Adding Relationships
Viewing Documents and Notes
Viewing Debt
Viewing WIP
Viewing File Numbers


Adding/Editing Matters
Matter/Milestone Structure
Personal To Do List
WorkCentre filters
Capacity filters
Bulk Milestone / responsibility re-allocation

Documents & Notes

Saving Documents/Emails in APS
Linking Documents
Adding/Editing Notes


Understanding Timesheets
Customise Timesheet Layout
Fee Notes
Review Weekly Summaries
Posting, Un-posting and Completing
Cloud Timesheets User Guide

Basic Fee Preparation

Create fee on demand/Single Fee
Allocate WIP to Fee and/or Write
Prepare Fee Narrations
Posting, Printing, Clearing

Fees Training

WIP & Debt - transactional billing (what does this mean)
Understanding effects on WIP/Debtors
Working with Batches
Understanding effects of WIP Allocations
Auto Fees
Contract Fees
Understanding effects of Write Off/Up
Standard/Progress Fees/ Interim Fees
Standard Narrations/Narration Editing
Write Off Reasons
Promoting/Demoting Fees (with Notes) (if Approval Route)
Finalise Invoices - Posting & Printing
Producing WIP Reports for Billing
WIP Summary
Batch Summary
Standard Reporting - WIP & Debt Reports
Detailed/Summary/Aged WIP and Debt Reports
Reprinting Invoices /Statements/Fee Spy
Customising your Fee Screen (icons, columns)


Database Maintenance

Adding / Editing Clients
Adding / Editing Attributes
Adding / Editing Addresses
Adding / Editing Relationships
Adding / Editing Notes & Links
Adding / Editing Matters/Milestones/Workflow
Adding / Editing File Numbers
Introduction to Joe Admin Security
PM Data Audit Set Up and Reporting
PM Tool Kit
Bulk Attribute Update

Master File & System Set-up

Entity set-up
Bulk Correspondence Settings & Email templates
Invoice & Statement settings
Attribute set-up
Address Maintenance
Client Type set-up
Department set-up
Disbursement Type set-up
Fee Earner Rates
Fee Earner Records
Internal Matter set-up
Joe Security Intro only
Manager set-up
Partner set-up
Rates Matrix
Relationship Type set-up
Standard Fee Narration set up
Standard Matters
Workflow Templates

Timesheet Administration

Timesheet Periods - setting up Timesheet periods
Timesheet Administration & Reconciliation
Timesheet Adjustments
Managing Timesheet Extracts
Administration of Web Timesheets


Word Merge
Client List reporting
Standard reporting
Contract Lists
Customising reports


Setup Document Storage in APS
Review how documents are saved in APS using Advance Docs Integration

Administrator Fees Training

Setup - Where Fee Approval is used
Discuss, Decide & Setup the Fee Approval Steps (setup 1 Fee Route)
Quick Fee Demonstration to test Fee Route
Value Billing - Contract Administration Set Up
Contract Narrations
Set up of Write Off Reasons

Debtors / Disbursement Training

Disbursement Entry
Receipts and Allocations
Adjustments/Credit Notes
Deposit Lists

Managing the Period End Process

Month End / WIP Close and Debtors RollOver
Timesheet Administration & Reconciliation
Timesheet Adjustments
Integrity Checks
Debtors Rollover
Reconciling WIP
Reconciling Debtors
Standard Reporting - WIP and Debtors reports