Product Functional Areas

End User

Tax Return Band

Accessing a Tax Return from Central Console
Printing a Family Group Tax Summary
Showing zero returns in the Family Group Tax Summary

Tax Return Preparation


901 Processing/Ledger Management

Group by a column heading
Apply a column filter
Access the ledger
Refresh the grid
Add a note
Make a note non-active
Email a tax notice
Re-send a tax notice
View the Audit Trail
Set up an email reminder template

Tax Lists

Filter by return type
Build a custom list
Save a list for public view


Ledger Transaction Processing

Insert a transaction
Match a transaction
Discard a transaction
Creating a variance transaction

NOA Processing

Bulk accept assessments
Use the NOA in Dispute
Use the NOA status
Add a note

Return Lodgement

Add a tax agent
Edit a Tax Agent
File selected returns
Download assessments
Check efile logs
Re send a return
Shred returns

System Admin

Option to not show Total Due on reports
Add a customised disclaimer
Update UOM Rates
Efile View
Batch Processing