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Below are all the guides for Workpaper Management.


How to Install


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Product Functional Areas

JOE Admin Settings

Working in workpaper management via Central Console
Working in workpaper management via Project Manager
Working in projects from XPA
Using JOE rights to manage Team rights

Practice Document Template Management

Organising Work Paper Content
Excel Workbook Options
Working with PDF Documents
Structuring the Document Store
Virtual Cabinet
Adding Working Papers into the Document Library
Profiling Documents - General
Entry Pointers for Excel Workbooks and PDF files
Help files

Teams - Project Team Maintenance

Project Team Security
Editing default Team roles
Editing default Team roles

The Work Item Templates Console

Process Master Step Maintenance
Step Maintenance
Process Maintenance
Project Team Roles
Rights to Edit Documents
Project Work Item Status sequencing
Setting Default Options for Workpaper Management
Work Item Options
Milestone Options
Project Roll Defaults
Auditing Project Changes
Creating New Work Items
Linking a Work Item to a Document
Entry Pointers for Excel Workbooks and PDF files
Linking a Work Item to a Help File
Linking a Work Item to an XPA Account Code
Linking a Work Item to a Milestone
Setting a Work Item to Roll Over

Creating Project Templates

Creating a New Work Item Template
Relegating Work Items with the Template
Adjusting the Order of Work Items within a Project Template
Updating Work Items that reside within multiple Work Item Templates

Project Lists

Creating a Project List
Saving Project List Options

The Project Manager Console

Launching the Project Manager from the Central Login Menu (Administrator)
Viewing the Project Manager from Central Console’s Client band (User)
The Project Manager in Central Console’s Matter band
The Project Manager in Central Console’s XPA Ledgers band

Project Maintenance

Creating a new Project
Pre-Conditions for XPA Ledger Projects
Creating new Project Teams
Deleting a Project
Moving a Project
Project Header Attributes
Project Work Items
Updating Work Item Fields
Adding Additional Templates or Work Items to a Project
Creating an ‘ad-hoc’ Work Item within a Project
Attaching a file to a Work Item within a Project
Security Settings for Document Editabilty
Document Linking Business Rules
Excel Multi Sheet Use
Attaching a file directly to a Project
Entry Pointers on PDF Documents
Deleting a Work Item from the Project
Detaching a file from an Ad-hoc Project Work Item
Detaching a file from a Template Work Item
Edit the Details of a Project Work Item
Relegating and Promoting Work Items
Updating the Status of a Work Item
Update the Preparer/Reviewer against a Work Item
Adding a New Note
Adding a Thread to an Existing Note
Viewing Options
Printing Notes
Printing a Full Project Report
Printing a Project Work Items Report
Printing a Project Notes Report
Printing Files Associated with a Project
Reviewing Project Audit information
Reviewing Work Item Audit information
Rolling Over a Project
Archiving a Project

XPA Integration

Additional Work Item Filter for XPA Ledger Projects
Linking Work Items to XPA Account Codes
Accessing linked Work Papers from the XPA Trial Balance
The Work Item Editor
Launching the entire Project Manager Console from within XPA
Support Resources