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Product Functional Areas

End User

Setting up new client ledgers

Creating/linking clients via Central Console
Templates vs. Ledgers
File Details Review
Integration points (if linking to client console)
Filename, Internal Name, Organisation, Heading options
Accountants report signatory
Entity type vs. default template
Ownership review
Discretionary Trust distribution form
Changing the Balance Date of a ledger
Changing the number of Periods of a ledger

Chart of Accounts Maintenance

Where to find the Chart maintenance screen
How to add an account code from the master template
Sourcing accounts from coding templates
Sub Accounts - Adding/Deleting
Sub Accounts - Purpose of the 000 account
Filter the ledger and template chart (Where)
Deleting inactive accounts
Change an expense category (User Defined Fields)
Edit account code details
Assign a tag value to an account
Translate an account code
View the balances for a specific account through the chart maintenance screen
Create a chart section for Rental Properties (coding structure)
Create the coding structure for divisional farming
Create the coding structure for divisional trading statements
Create the coding structure for multiple revenue streams in a single ledger
Alternate account titles (‘Swinging Accounts’)

Specialised Coding Requirements - 000 Sub Accounts
Specialised Coding Requirements - Rental Properties
Specialised Coding Requirements - Divisional Reporting
Specialised Coding Requirements - Hire Purchases
Specialised Coding Requirements - Transfers to Reserves

Stock Groups

Stock Groups functionality
Add stock groups from the master template
Livestock Groups and Calculator
Add GST Rates to a ledger (NZ)

Chart Mapping Toolbox

MYOB Transaction Imports
MYOB GL Movement Imports
QuickBooks/Reckon Accounts Transaction Imports
Xero Imports
Generic spreadsheet Imports
Importing of a full Trial Balance using the NegTB report in XPA
Set the correct transactions options when importing client transactions into XPA
Create/save mapping files and templates
Translate an account code
Create a new client chart of accounts

Data Entry

Setup user specific settings in the data entry screens (speed up data entry)
How to search for specific transactions in the data entry screens
How to view different Totals in the data entry screen
How to create journal entries with Cash In/Cash Out flags
How to create journal entries for Reversal
Column sorting
Comparative journals
Moving between data entry screens

Report Selector

Viewing prior year Trial Balance, General Ledger, Entries Listings, Activity by entry type
Viewing Budget values on Trial Balance instead of Comparatives
Using account code filters, including sub-totalling filtered accounts
Saving Private/Public Report views
Customising the Data Sheet view pivot tables
How to view the Trial Balance with periodic values for the current and comparative year
How to view all the asset accounts in summary or detail
Extracting data to Excel
Activate Table of Contents on the General Ledger report
Using the Find feature on the report selector
How to group account codes by Tag Set Values
How to view transactions by reference
How to save your report views and share them internally
Toggle General Ledger transaction drill down with available options like ‘Include GST’ (NZ)

Asset Ledger

Asset Group Maintenance
How to add asset groups from the master template
How to edit an existing asset’s details
How to add a current year asset
How to setup the defaults for asset groups
Current Year Asset Transaction review - Purchases, Additions, Part Sales, Full Sales, Deleting transactions
Comparative Asset Transaction review - Purchases, entering Accumulated Depreciation
Transferring Assets between Asset Groups
Un-integrating the Fixed Asset Ledger from the GL
Depreciation Schedules (By Location/Property, Client code or Method)
Copying Assets from an existing ledger into a new ledger
Un-integrate Asset Ledger
Remove non-integrated Asset Ledger
Synchronise the Asset Ledger to the General Ledger
Asset Pooling (AU)



Xcede Reporting & Financial Reporting Fields (FRF):

How to access the Financial Reporting Fields (FRF)
Refreshing from a template
Last Year, This Year, Next Year options
How to use the default template value for a client ledger’s FRF
How and where to find a FRF
How to set a value in the FRF
Categorising Expenses
How to generate Xcede financial reports
How to create client specific Xcede Jobstreams
How to setup the correct Jobstream options
Management Reporting Options review - Categorising Expenses
Management Reporting Options review - Accounting policies
Management Reporting Options review - Creating additional user-defined notes
Compliance Reporting Options
Classification of Expenses
Accounting policies
Equity Statement vs. Notes to the Accounts
Creating additional user-defined notes
Searching FRF’s
Glossary (NZ)

General Reporting

Are users modifying Excel output?
Using pdfDocs to apply practice personalisation to Compilation Report
Group Reporting
Value Added Reporting

Jobstream Maintenance

Adding/removing reports
Changing order of reports
Index considerations

Tag Sets

Creating Tag Sets
Copying Tag Sets
Updating Tag Sets on Templates
Updating Tag Sets on Ledgers
Assigning an account to a Tag
Assigning debit/credit balances to a Tag
Reordering Tags
Setup a Tag Set’s options
Flagging ledgers for data extraction
Extracting data from XPA Ledgers
Compliance Administration Console

Adding XPA Balances to Excel Working Papers

Introduction to Xcede report writing functions
Calling data using account codes
Calling data using Tag Sets

XPA Administration

Creating additional Templates
Annual Sheets and templates upgrade process
Synchronise Practice Details across client ledgers
How to balance a client ledger forward
How to change a ledgers year end date
How to change the number of periods in a ledger
Set ‘Close To’ accounts
Capitalise Chart Descriptions
Delete Balance History
Compact and Repair XPA File
Balancing forward the ledger
Refresh a client ledger with details stored in Practice Management

Application Administrator

Creating additional Templates
Deleting templates/ledgers
Application update process overview
Annual Sheets and templates upgrade process overview