The Access Customer Success Portal is now available for Support Cases and is accessible via the following link:

    Before you start

Before you commit to your server migration time frames, please take the following steps to ensure a successful and timely migration.

  Know your products

Determine what Reckon APS products will be involved in the migration project. 
If you are moving an SQL Server, the following Technical products need to be migrated by APS Technical Services team:
  • Practice IQ (PIQ)
  • Business Process Automation (BPA)
  • Advance Digital Imaging (ADI)
  • Corporate Register (CR)
Please ensure to engage us 6 weeks before your planned go live date.

  Check pre-requisites

Please review our Technical Information page  for Platform matrix to review compatible versions, system specification and SQL maintenance documentation to ensure you are implementing a new server for optimal performance.

Please also ensure the pre-requisites for your current version of Practice IQ have been met before the date APS is due to do the migration.

  Contact APS

Let us know at least 6 weeks before the planned go-live date to discuss what components you are likely to need our help with.  
If you are a 3rd Party IT provider, please note that we can only quote directly to our mutual client and would require their presence at the first planning meeting.
To arrange for a planning meeting, please complete our Server Migration Request and we’ll be in touch to discuss next steps.
  Request Assistance >

   Plan your projects

The majority of the work to migrate APS products to the new environment can be done as soon as the new server is available. 
  Important: Add two weeks of User Acceptance Testing to your project to allow the business teams to test all the products before you move the new server to production.