Purpose – To onboard any new APS users with little to know knowledge of the software

Suitable for – Grads, new users, existing users wanting to refresh their knowledge

APS recommends all new starters to view the following videos:

1. APS Core Essentials

  • Central Console Navigation (15mins)
  • Timesheets (10mins)
  • Basic Fee Preparation (8mins)
  • Tax Manager Navigation (3mins)
  • XPA Navigation (30mins)

View APS Core Essentials Playlist for more.

2. APS Tax AU Essentials for Beginners

  • Navigating a Return (6mins)
  • Assets and Groups (6mins)
  • Populating a Return (6mins)
  • Automated Data Entry (5mins)
  • Relationship and Data Sharing (5mins)
  • Tax Distribution Sharing (5mins)
  • Return Prefill (2mins)
  • Return Preview (3mins)
  • Print Options (3mins)

View APS TAX AU Essentials for Beginners Playlist for more.

3. XPA for Beginners

  • XPA Navigation (29mins)
  • XPA Ledger Creation (21min)
  • XPA Data Entry (18min)
  • XPA Tips and Tricks (58min)

As an additional area of training, we have some extra XPA videos which will continue to build your employees knowledge of the APS software.

We highly recommend you review these with some of your more experienced team members to select which videos would be of most use to your new employees.

View the XPA for Beginners Playlist for more.

View our Reckon APS YouTube Channel for our entire APS suite.  Now that we are using YouTube, you and your team can create your own playlists for different training. As every practice is different and uses different parts of the software, you may find some videos more applicable than others. Therefore, we recommend creating your own to ensure your team is trained in the most optimal way.