APS and Reckon Elite have been working to address the challenge of coronavirus (COVID-19). Our priority is the safety of our clients and staff and the continuity of services. Find out more information.

These are difficult times that we face. The world has not stopped, and neither do we.

The health and safety of our clients and team members is at the heart of everything we do. In light of the heightened level of concern, and the changing nature of business caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) we want to keep you updated on actions we have taken to keep you, your Practice, our team and our partners safe.

Our first thoughts are with you, your team and your family, we trust that you remain safe and healthy.


Remote work

Following advice from the respective governments, all our offices are now closed, and we have enabled our team to work from home as they practice safe social distancing and social isolation where necessary.

At APS and Reckon Elite, we have a continuity plan in place, and are extremely fortunate that our teams have the technology and infrastructure in place to continue to serve you throughout this challenging period, and guarantee continuity of service for our clients.

Travel reduction

We have suspended all staff travel arrangements and will instead utilise technology to facilitate meetings and events that would have previously been delivered in person. Our preference will be video conferencing and we will work with you to ensure we can achieve this seamlessly. We may be remote for a while but we will still remain connected.

APS Community events

We have suspended all in-person APS Community events including Practice Excellence Training and Tax Workshops until further notice, however we are excited to be launching APSConnect, your quarterly Forums in the Virtual World.

APSConnect Virtual Meetings are being launched across April & May and will be held every 6 weeks. These are informal, short and interactive sessions to ensure you stay connected and up to date with the APS Community during these changing times. If you haven't received an invitation for an upcoming virtual meeting, feel free to reach out to your local CRM or email APSEvents@reckon.com

We are working on an alternative delivery method for all other client engagements to keep you up to date and connected to the APS team and journey and will share more information with you as these are released.

We will resume our regular in-person program when it is safe to do so as we know this is highly valued by the community.


Project continuity

Naturally we are engaged with clients around ongoing projects and continual improvement work such as Optimalisation, Implementations and solution enhancements. This will continue. We see this time, of less travel, as an opportunity to engage in a different way and perhaps even get a little more work done whilst we are all desk bound. Perhaps we could even tackle some of those tasks that have been on the back burner for a little while.

Support continuity

Even with these changes, our focus is to ensure we keep your business your needs front of mind:

  • Our support lines remain open and running as usual. Contact us here.
  • Training video resources are available to you through our   APS Training Page
  • The APS Community is being updated and monitored as usual
  • Detailed help and support for your product is as always available on the MyAPS Portal site and there is more happening here, so watch this space!

Additional Resources

Please see below additional resources that may be of help during this time.

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Government Economic Response Information
​​​Caring for Mental Health

Where to from here?

I trust this all goes a small way to reassuring you and your team, that we are thinking of you at this time and will be here to support your Practice.

We will continue to keep you updated and are here to support you through this time.

Keep well, stay safe and look after each other