This article has all Known Issues to date, relating to Xcede Professional Accounting 10.2 Release.

The knowledge article contains details of known issues, hot fix files where available and information relating specifically to this release.

This article does not include Known Issues which are not part of this release.

Known issues and information articles are detailed in this spreadsheet -  XPA V10.2 Release - LIST OF KNOWN ISSUES.xlsx


Hot fix files added on 11th May 2017

Known Issues List last updated on 12th March 2018

Corrections Since Release

Hot fix files address the issues identified in this knowledge article and some issues identified in known issues articles for previous releases of Advance XPA.

The hot fix files are available in the linked zip file - XPA10.2 Corrections since

Also included is the Msi for Xcede Reporting Engine V10.5

Installation of Hotfix files:

1. To install the hot fix files, download this file  XPA10.2 Corrections since

2. Please unzip/extract and copy the contents of the attached ZIP file into the ADV2000 folder for each workstation or server where XPA V10.2 is installed.

! Caution

Some operating systems may block this zip file once downloaded.  To unblock select the .zip, right click > properties >  tick unblock

Once the files are extracted, right click on each file to check that they are not still blocked.

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