We are aware of the following issues that have affected the performance of APS Tax -

a) Tax Manager slow to load.

Slowness caused by Tax Manager pre-loading the Individual Tax returns in the background

Fix: This was resolved in the 2018.0.0 release.

b) Slowness when opening returns
This issue happens when rolling over returns, opening rolled-over returns and opening existing returns. This is related to the preparation of initial SBR validations when creating a return.

Fix: The 2018.0 release made improvements on this for all SBR forms. This cut loading times in half and we are developing further improvements for the next release.


c) High Memory usage
We are also working on issues that cause memory usage to increase as more returns are opened throughout the course of a day.

Current work-around: Closing out of Tax Manager works very well – but we acknowledge that in a terminal server environment this has limited utility unless all users follow this advice.

Fix: We have a new build that we believe improves this issue. This build is currently under testing by the QA team to confirm the size of the improvement.  We are hoping to include this fix in the next release and we are working as hard as we can to get this out.

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