An issue has been identified in Reckon APS Tax 2018.0.0 whereby a series of validation errors are generated which prevents users from lodging 2017 SBR returns:

CMN.ATO.GEN.XBRL01 The message did not pass XBRL validation. Please contact your software provider.

CMN.ATO.GEN.XBRL03 A field contains invalid data (such as letters in numeric or date field)

CMN.ATO.GEN.XBRL04 A mandatory field has not been completed

This issue has been logged to be fixed in a future release. In the interim, the following information is required for investigation:

  • If after lodging the return the error message below appears, click on OK.

  • In the SBR Lodgement Screen expand the return ID by clicking on the '+' sign on the top left.

  • Once it’s expanded, further expand the 'Response Error' which will show details of the error with description.

The above screenshot shows the field with the error.

  • Once you are aware of the Uri and the field, please refer to the known issues KA-01059 and KA-01330 to locate the Uri in the screenshot.

If you are unable to locate the error, please log a new ticket and provide the following:

  • screenshots of the error messages as per the above steps
  • a support copy of the return

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