When creating a DSN, you must make sure that that you use the application which creates a  32-bit connection. Below are instructions on how to do this. 



  1. Go to Cortana search and type ODBC.
  2. Select the ODBC Data Sources (32-bit)


     3. Click on the System DSN tab


    4. Click on the Add button  


    5.Select SQL Server from the list of available data sources (it is usually the last option in the list)

    6. Click on Finish.

    7. Type in Name: & Description: aps_dsql and select or type in the SQL Server name that you will be connecting to.

    8. Click Next

    9. Select the radio button next to With SQL Server authentication….,

   10. Type in the Login ID of admin. Click on Next.

   Note - If your site is using Windows NT Authentication, select that option instead. 

    11. Remove the ticks from the check boxes Use ANSI quoted identifiers and Use ANSI nulls, padding and warnings.  Click on Next.

    12. Click on Finish.

    13 Click on Test Data Source.

    14. Once the data source has tested successfully click on OK.

   15. Click on OK to close the set up.  

    16. The Data Source should now show in the list, click on OK.



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