F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions


What version of Practice Management do I need to have to use Cloud Timesheets?

Minimum of Practice Management 11


What are Mobile Timesheets?

Using an iOS or Android app to enter your time into your timesheets on your mobile phone or tablet.
In order to meet our main development road map items and to maximize our resource we have decided to begin the End-of-Life process for Mobile timesheet App. Hence the APP is no longer available to download from Google Play Store and Apple Store .

Where can I get the Mobile Timesheets app?

Mobile Timesheet application has now been removed from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. So the APP is no longer available to download.
Our target is to remove the app completely from use by 16th May, 2022.  Currently no users can download the app from the stores, but those with the app can continue to use it for another month.


What are Web Timesheets?

Web Timesheets allow you to enter your time via any web browser at any time whenever you have an internet connection.


Do I get access to Web timesheets if I switch to Cloud Timesheet entry?



How do I get access to Cloud Timesheets?

Refer to Cloud Service Set up: KA-03319


Where can I install the Update & Synchronisation Service that links my timesheets to the Cloud?

It can be installed on the SQL server, Application server or Practice IQ server.


Where do I get the Tenant ID and Domain Name to enter into System and User Settings?

APS will provide the practice with this information within 5 days of registration.


Can I use both Cloud Timesheets and APS timesheets?

No. If you use Cloud Timesheets you will not be able to access your timesheets via the APS desktop application.

You can, however, switch from cloud to desktop for full weeks.

Once you start a week as one type, you can't change to the other type for that week.


Can I get assistance setting up the Cloud Timesheets facility?

Yes, an APS Consultant can be engaged to assist with the setup. This would be chargeable. Current cost as at 13th April 2018 is $250 excl. GST.


Is WIP entered in Cloud Timesheets available for billing immediately?

Yes, if your practice uses Force Posting.

WIP entered via the Cloud should be available for billing within 10-15 minutes of entry.

Refer to article KA-01259 for more information.

How to differentiate Public holidays in Cloud timesheets?

At present it is not possible to differentiate the Public holiday days in cloud timesheets.

The feature is under review by Development. 

What is the narration limit in Cloud timesheets?

 255 Characters 

Is the Spell Checker feature available in Cloud timesheet?

Currently this feature is only available in Web timesheets.

Is it possible to save the frequently used entries as Favoutites?

Yes, currently this feature is only available in Web timesheets. However it is possible to use the favourite entries to create timesheet entries in Web Timesheets.

Is the Glide time feature available in Cloud timesheet?

Yes, Glide time feature is available in Cloud Timesheets.

Is the Overtime feature available in Cloud timesheet?


Why do some of my timesheet entries have a padlock on them?

The WIP from the timesheet entry has been picked up in an active Fee and is locked for editing or deletion.


Is there a preferred browser for Web Timesheets?

Chrome is preferred. Firefox and Edge are also okay. Internet Explorer is not supported.


Where is the data (entered in Cloud Timesheets) saved and is it appropriately secured?

Data is stored in a secured data center with data spread across availability zones for redundancy and they are appropriately secured and stored in line with Cloud services best practice.


Do users need to be out of their Web timesheets while the end of month rollover is being processed?

No, they don't.


Is it possible to manage other user's Cloud Timesheets like we do now in Timesheet Administration for regular timesheets?

Yes, provided 'Launching Timesheets Allowed' permission has been granted in JOE Admin. Users can use the 'Switch User' function available from the hamburger icon to connect to another Web Timesheets user's timesheet.


Is there a way in which we can shift multiple users to cloud at once?


Can we have a single time sign in for cloud timesheets?



How can web timehseet users save their password in their browser so it auto-fills at the login screen?

The user can save their password in their browser so it auto-fills at the login screen.


Should users still do all the usual "new financial year" procedures in timesheet admin including setting public holidays etc and do these flow through to the cloud timesheets? 



How do I update the email address for specific users?

The email address can be updated in the Fee Earner console and the user will get a new invitation to register. 


How to Delete an Active TS Header after deleting Entry from Cloud TS?

No, it is not possible to delete an Active Timesheet Header from the Timesheet Admin even if the entry is deleted from the Cloud Timesheet. Then can only complete and admin post the header with 0 Std Hrs.


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