F.A.Q - Bulk Attribute Update Maintenance

What version of Practice Management do I need to have to use Bulk Update Maintenance?

Practice Management 11

What does Bulk Update Maintenance do?

Bulk Attribute Maintenance provides the ability to update Partner, Manager, Department and staff attributes in bulk, either using the selector or an excel spreadsheet.

Two methods of update:

Bulk Attribute Update Excel – uses an excel file where you can enter the new partner / manager / department / Matter Responsibility and then import the spreadsheet. This is great where jobs for manager X are being reallocated to different managers

Bulk Attribute Update Selector – uses the selector to select the clients to move and then update a specific attribute on all those clients e.g. Move all jobs for partner A to partner B where the manager is X

In this method, you should put a filter criteria and search for any specific client, matter etc and update them in bulk.

In using Excel method, where do I get the Excel spreadsheet template from?

Please refer to the attachment in KA-01250

Do I need to save the Excel spreadsheet in any specific format like CSV?

Yes, you need to save it as Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)

Where do new details such as new partner’s name, manager’s name etc come from?

You need to create the new names in the relevant attribute if they are not already in the system. For example you should create the new manager’s name in Manager Console.

What if there is a misspelling in the spreadsheet? Does this mean that the misspelled name shows under the client’s details?

No, whatever details you put in the attribute will display under the client’s details/client's attribute.

Do I have to put new partner’s name or new manager’s name in the spreadsheet?

No, you don’t have to as they flow through the relevant attribute consoles based on the IDs. It has been designed this way for more visibility.

Can I undo changes once I have finalised the updates?

No, you can’t . You need to start over again. However the system displays a message and prompts you to confirm you wish to proceed with the updates.

Why am I not able to see the Bulk Attribute Update Excel and Bulk Attribute Update Selector on my APS application?

This is because you have not been given access to these new functionalities. Please ask your administrator to give you access via JOE Admin console. For further information, please refer to KA-01250.

What does Fee Earner Name mean in Bulk Attribute Update?

Fee earner ID and Fee Earner Name refer to Matter responsible in Bulk Attribute Update.

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