This article explains how to check if Cloud Services are installed and running.

Check if the services are installed. These are usually found installed on the SQL database server.

1. Go to Windows Control Panel  > Features applet. There should be two services (Cloud Update Service & Cloud Scheduling Service) as shown below.



Check if the services are running

1. Go to Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Services. You will find the services listed as follows, they should read Started when running. 

2. Right-click on each service if you wish to stop or start them ( Stopping order: Reckon APS scheduling service, then Reckon APS Update service. Starting order :Reckon APS Update service then Reckon APS scheduling service)


Note: Before performing any pre-upgrade backup please stop these two services using the right click option, once the upgrade has been completed, right-click again and start each service.


Services not installed

If the above services are not found, follow the complete instructions available in our Cloud Services Installation guide 

Refer to the APS Cloud Services F.A.Q article link in related articles section at the top right of this page.


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