F.A.Q - Client Hub


Client Hub is a mobile& browser interface that enables an APS user to access the Practice Management client information on any internet enabled device, such as smart phones, tablets and web browsers.


What version of Practice Management do I need to have to use Client hub?

Practice Management 11. If you haven't got Practice Management or client hub installed yet, go to our PM11.2 Release Page to find out next steps. 


What do I need to install in order to use Client Hub?

Sign up to Cloud Services by going to Cloud Service Setup and register for your service today.  Once APS Cloud applications have been activated clients can use Client Hub


How do I access Client Hub?

You can access client hub here:


Is Client Hub just a web page or is there an app we can download?

Client Hub can be accessed  from any internet enabled device, such as smart phones, tablets and web browsers. No app is required.


Is there any extra cost to get Client Hub facility?

No, this functionality is included in your existing Practice Management license


Are customised attributes visible in client hub?

Not by default, but there are SUPS settings for sets and object Ids


Do we need to add anything in the Fee Earner console for Client Hub as we do for Cloud Timesheets?

Nothing extra. If they are cloud-enabled they will see Client Hub.


Is there an option to go to the Client Hub from Cloud Timesheets

Not yet. However when you launch Cloud timesheet, it will open the timesheet in a separate tab, so you can always open Client hub from the original tab


Which information is available in Client Hub

Only client specific information is accessible through Client Hub. The Client Details, Addresses, Attributes, Relationships and any other custom created data sets that are currently utilised in the Practice, and for all Australian Practices, the Australian Tax numbers are visible in Client Hub.


Can I see history Debt in Client hub?

Included in the first release of Client Hub is the ability to view your clients outstanding debt balances across multiple entities. The debt page will only display all outstanding invoices at the time of viewing the information.



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