This knowledge article reports known issues that have been logged with APS Support for the above software release only.

This article also includes hot-fix files where available and information relating specifically to this release.

Note - MS Access 2007 is no longer supported. Only MS Access 2010 and above are supported.

Release Notes

View the 2019.04 release notes - Release Notes 2019.04.pdf

View the 2019.04 corrections since released notes

Issues raised

The table below lists some of the issues that have been raised and resolved since the January 2019 release.

Last updated: 21/06/2019

Issue Module affected Status Component Knowledge Article Workaround
Refunds allocated to another return's Prov 1 appear against Prov 2 Tax Returns Fixed aps_t.mde KA-01821
Where Matter ID is greater 
than 6 digits, the value was not 
fully shown in the top right 
Tax Manager Fixed aps_t.mde updated 12/04
AC liable and Earner premium rates incorrect Tax Manager Fixed  vNZTax_94219.mdb KA-01865
IRD Transactions not including Matter partner Compliance Administration Fixed aps.nztax.Core.dll
TDS url address incorrect TDS Fixed vNZTax_94218.mdb
IRD website through Central Console not loading Central Console Fixed




Error when syncing with IRD Central Console KA-01894
Unexpected error shown when 
move from IRD Transactions 
to Tax Notices page whilst in 
edit mode. 
Compliance Admin Fixed APS.NZTax.Windows.Forms.dll 
Error in depreciation 
calculation on schedular 
payments value sent to e-file
Tax Manager Fixed Aps_t.mde 
Refund transfers to same client for different tax years results in duplicate ledger entries Tax Manager Fixed Aps_t.mde KA-02214
Refunds to other tax types not 
correctly shown on tax 
schedule report 
Tax Return 
Console/ Tax 
Fixed APS.NZTaxRefundDistribution.dll 
Refunds to student loan not saving when entered into the student loan field Tax Manager Fixed APS.NZTaxRefundDistribution.dll  KA-02255
Tax pooling transfers are not being sent to consolidated groups

Compliance Administration

IRD investigating KA-02253

Download latest hotfixes

- Last updated 21/06/2019

How to apply hot-fix files

DLL Files

Please copy the DLL files and any .exe files into the ADV2000 folder. Please do this on all computers that have the Tax software installed.

aps_t.mde files

Please replace your existing aps_t.mde with the one in the hotfixes package. Depending on how your APS environment is set up, this file must be copied to either your ADV2000 folder or in your network drive.

Version control files (NZTax_9.4.xx.mdb)

Please copy the version control file into the Adv2000 folder and double click to upgrade the database. Please take a backup of the database before this step. This upgrade must be done only once, so please pick anyone of your computers that has the Tax software installed for this upgrade.

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