Find answers & general information quickly using this Frequently Asked Questions article for the NZ Tax 901 application.



  • All webinar recordings on the Configuration and Use of the IR901 application are available from our APS Tax youTube channel


  • JOE and SUPS settings for 901 KA-01353
  • Setup to generate 901 letters manually when not using bulk emailing KA-01348


Bulk Emailing

  • PM10 scripts to bulk update email addresses & output type in Tax Info | Central Console  KA-01351
  • PM10 Bulk e-mail users - script to identify clients with multi-instance e-mail addresses  KA-01349



  • How to re-process a letter/email that was printed already - KA-01352
  • Filtering and Actions icons missing from Selection ribbon - how to activate these options? KA-01350
  • Tips on what to look out for when a client is not appearing in a list - KA-05003









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