If you or your clients have been impacted by the bushfires, please read this important information from the ATO


In Tax Manager > click on a year row > create a matter

The matter name must be unique

The initial cause of this is as yet unknown - once the error occurs, it will keep re-occurring until the appropriate table is fixed. If you can replicate this or provide any clues as to consistent factors that will enable us to replicate it, please let us know.

1. Obtain the client's Client ID

2. Go to SQL Server management studio

3. Take a backup of the database Databases > aps_dsql > right click > Tasks > backup

4. Go to aps_dsql > Tables > ocsmattermaster > right click > edit all rows or edit top 200

5. In the toolbar select the show criteria pane.  If this is not visible, click Ctrl 2 to show it.

6.Filter mtrClientID for the clientID (in this case 1946) this will leave only matters for the affected client:

7. Filter mtrDescription = New Matter (then right click and 'Execute SQL)

8. Highlight and right click all results and Delete all the 'New Matter' records.

9. Go back to Tax manager and try to create a matter and a return for this client. It should now work.

Contact APS support, if you get any errors or need assistance with the above.

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