MyAPS Client Portal is available for you to get help by searching our Knowledge Base for answers to your questions and issues or log a case for assistance from our support team. MyAPS is available to you 24/7 and cases logged go directly to our support team members. You can update your cases and attach screenshots and other files for the support team to review and investigate. 



Get in touch with our support team to get registered today and to learn more about MyAPS Client Portal using our F.A.Q or by watching our quick videos below. 







Who should have a MyAPS login? 

We recommend all APS users that would like access to our APS Community, Event information, downloads or to log support cases. Send a request to for our team to create your account.  


Can I access MyAPS from within APS? 

Access to MyAPS is available from the link in Central Console, Central Console > Help > Knowledge Base


How do I search for knowledge or information in MyAPS? 

There are 3 simple methods of searching, this will search across the entire site including webpages, community posts & Knowledge articles. 

  • Word search, simply type a word into the search bar eg: tax (this will give you a large volume of articles as it is a broad term) 
  • Phrase search, you can search for a phrase eg: Tax release (the system will look for either word to exist in an article) 
  • Exact Phrase search, you can put your phrase into quotation marks for an exact phrase search eg: "Tax release" 


How do I know when a knowledge article is updated? 

Knowledge articles contain the Last Modified date in the top left hand corner. 


Can I get updates when Knowledge articles are updated? 

We currently don't have an option to follow a Knowledge article but you can keep track by reviewing the last modified date. You can also utilise one of many browser addin's that can track changes on webpages. 


I'm having issues with MyAPS Client Portal, who do I contact to assist?

We'd love to get back onto the MyAPS portal as soon as possible so get in touch with our support team to assist on or through our contact numbers AU 1300 277 787 or NZ 0508 277 732


Can I download software from MyAPS?

Once logged into MyAPS you will have access to our Downloads & Technical guides for software that you use. 

How do I find out which software releases are coming out soon? 

In our Downloads & Technical guides > Upcoming Releases page we put up details of upcoming releases.

How do I log a support case? 

Once logged into MyAPS, access MySupport > Open New Case

How do I add, view or delete a file attachment in a case via MyAps?

You can access the case from MySupport by selecting the case number listed, in the Case Documents area select to add files or select the name to view the file. The attachment can be deleted by selecting the drop down arrow and the delete option.

Where do I find a list of events? 

Our Practice Hub page contains all the details of upcoming webinars, APS Connect and other event information. 

Where can I find Training resources for APS Software? 

Within MyAPS we have a training page which will direct you to our online resources for learning how to use APS Software.

What happened to the Resources tab? 

All pages under Resources have moved to Practice Hub. 

Where has My Support gone? 

My Support can now be found under your Profile go to the top right, click on your name and the drop down menu will appear with My Support available for selection. 


How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from a community forum? 

Go to Practice Hub > Community Forum > Open the forum you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe > Open the thread called "Subscribe or Unsubscribe to this forum here" > click the subscribe or unsubscribe button. 




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