To set up a new employee to access Practice IQ requires access to the PIQPortal.

PIQPortal is sometimes located on your SQL Server, but more likely is installed on the PracticeIQ administrator's workstation. It is a separate install to Practice Management, refer to KA-01654 for setting up PIQ Portal if it's not available (see link below).

To setup your new employee, ensure that you have their APS Login Name (The name in Fee Earner Console) and their Windows (Network) login Name. Open PIQ Portal and right-click on the Users label and select New User from the drop-down menu.

When the User Setup Wizard starts select Type in the user details manually and click the Next button. If you have several new employees, then importing them from Practice Management may be quicker, but for a single employee we suggest manually adding.

In the Enter Advance Login name, enter the new employee's Practice Management login name (ID) and click TAB to go to the Enter Windows login name. In the Enter Windows login name, enter the users Windows (Network) login name and click and the Add button.

After clicking the Add button you should see the new employee drop down into the bottom grid:

Clicking Next will display a summary for review, if all is correct then click on the Finish button:


Your new employee should now appear in the Users list. If so click on their name so you can apply a profile(s) to them so they can access reports. To do that simply click on the square next to the appropriate profile(s):


At this point the user should be able to access Practice IQ. If by chance they cannot, double-check the users details by right-clicking on the Users name and select User Details.

When the User Edit window opens check that all the details are correct. At this stage it will most likely be the Domain Name that is incorrect. If you are not sure, check a user that is working correct, and use that as a template for the new employee(s).


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