How to copy an asset register from another application / accounting software into XPA.

How to convert assets for use with XPA's asset register.

How to transfer an asset register maintained in another accounting application into XPA.

Bulk Assets takeon is part of the initial setting up of a ledger and as such is deemed a Consulting exercise. However, should the user prefer to process the takeon on their own, the following process may be used.

Please note that the Reckon APS Support Team is not obliged to resolve issues as a result of this process as this is deemed to be outside the scope of Support.

When adding assets in bulk, users can try the Asset Take On process.

This process is useful for users who wish to add / transfer assets in bulk, from one system / ledger into another; and maintain the assets in XPA's asset register going forward.

The Asset Take On is an alternative that will eliminate the need for users to add an asset one at a time. However it does not necessarily reduce the time at which assets are added into XPA. Users are advised to use discretion when selecting this method over manually adding assets one by one. Generally users will find that when adding eg 10 assets, one-by-one manual addition via asset register is quicker than the Asset Take On. Conversely, the process is very useful when adding, eg 500 assets into the ledger.

The required files and documentation are linked below:

ReckonAPS XPA - Asset Take-on via CSV File.pdf

XPA Asset Takeon

Note : The AssetTakeOn.mde file works with Microsoft Access 2013 and above.

If you have a lower version of Microsoft Access or do not have Microsoft Access at all, the latest runtime version can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.

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