The XPA ledger is locked, and when attempting to open it, an error message appears:

[User Name] has sole access to this ledger.
The file was logged out on [date the ledger was locked]

XPA file is locked

How to remove lock


The XPA file was in use when eg the PC crashed, or connection to the server was lost.


Option 1. Ask the user who locked the file to unlock it:

In XPA, go to File > Open, right click on the file and select Log file In/ unlock

The user may no longer be an employee - in that case login as the user and open the XPA ledger. This will enable the ledger to be closed properly when closing out of the file.

Option 2. Remove lock from Log Maintenance

Use this option if the user signon is not available to unlock the file, or the lock cannot be removed in Option 1.

Please ensure the user is logged out of all Advance products before continuing,

Open Client Console / Central Console

On the menu bar, click on Action > Extract Log Maintenance

If this option is not available, please activate the JOE rights for the user:

JOE Rights > Advanced Actions > Extract Log Maintenance

After activating the JOE access rights, identify the correct XPA user currently locking the file - note that the file names will not be displayed.
Right click and click on Remove log

Option 3. 
Delete the log file manually

If the file is not in the Log or removing the Log did not unlock the file, locate the directory where the files are located and delete the .ldb file with the same name as the .XPA file. WARNING: make sure not to delete the .XPA file!!

Option 4. Rename the file to create a new registry

If this did not unlock the file, create a new XPA file:

1. In XPA, delete the XPA link
2. In Windows, create a copy of the .XPA file (with a different name to the original file)
3. Merge the copy file in to XPA by clicking on the Merge button as shown below and then browsing off to locate the renamed ledger.

4. This process will make the renamed ledger available in your XPA application to enable you to review it.
5. From XPA, save the copy file (Save as) with the original file name.
6. Close the ledger
7. Check the ledger with the original name re-opens.
8. Delete the copy from XPA
9. Link the new (original) ledger to client console.

Option 5.

1. On the file server, select Control Panel > Administrative Tool > Computer Management.

2. Select Shared Folders > Open Files. The RH side of the Computer Management screen will list all open files on the server

3. Sort the files based on Name.

4. Locate the affected ledger and the .ldb file in the list of open files.

5. Right click and select to Close open file

6. Can now go back into ledger on the users PC and the tables will now be unlocked.

Option 6. If you can't locate the .ldb file in Windows Explorer:

1. Copy and paste the XPA ledger so that it creates a COPY within the folder
2. Merge in the COPY of the ledger
3. Save the COPY over the top of the original
4. Delete the COPY file (optional)

Option 7. If the file still can not be opened, please contact APS Support.

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