When importing data via the Connection Wizard from MYOB AccountRight 2015 an error occurs:

Connection failed reason = 'Connection failed, please make sure the target server is on.'

You are running Account Right locally and the Account Right API might not be installed.'

The MYOB API is not installed or is not being found by Sync Direct.


There could be a number of reasons for this.
Below are a number of things to try. Please try these in the order listed.

1. Restart the computer that has Sync Direct and the MYOB API installed on it.

2. Go to the location of the API and ensure that it is installed. 

  • You should have an API installed for each version of MYOB installed. 

3. Go to File Explorer > %localappdata%\Programs\MYOB\AddOnConnector

  • If you don’t see a folder with the folder with the MYOB version number in it then please Uninstall and reinstall MYOB or contact MYOB support for help to install the Adapter.  Example below.

4. Stop the MYOB API running via Task Manager. 

5. Open the MYOB.Accountright.API.AddOnConnector.exe.config in Notepad.

6. Locate the server address area of the config file and change the following values shown below.


  • Default will be localhost.  Adjust this to reflect the IP Address of the APS server.


  • Default will be http://localhost:8080 Change this to read http://(IP OF the Machine):8080.

7. Start the MYOB API application from the same folder.  MYOB.AccountRight.API.AddOnConnector.exe

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