The client has an existing PracticeIQ installation and needs to install the admin utilities on a different workstation to the one that already has a copy of PIQ Portal. They want more than one person to administrate the PIQ reports. 

Use the below ZIP file to download the correct version of the Portal file.

Copy the PIQ Portal folder on Client's PC you will be installing PIQ Portal on.

  NOTE: This machine must already have an instance of Advance PM installed as it relies on common libraries.

In the install files folder, right-click on setup.exe and choose "Run as Administrator" from the context-menu if it is present (for Vista and Windows 7 etc.), otherwise just run the setup.exe. If you are prompted for confirmation, give it.

The PIQ portal utility tool will try to install itself into the Advance PM folder by default.

Click "Next" to carry out the install, but do not run aQPortal.exe once the install has completed until you complete the following step. Otherwise it will run the setup wizard (aQPortalSetup.exe), which is unnecessary.

PIQ Portal needs the database and website configuration details for the site. These details are gathered by the setup wizard, and stored in the two identical PIQ.ACF files. The wizard stores one on the workstation in the same folder as Portal (i.e. C:\Adv2000) and the other on the web server in the PracticeIQ website folder (i.e. these days C:\inetpub\www\PracticeIQ, but on older installs it could be C:\PracticeIQ).

To avoid needing to run the wizard, and ensure you have the same settings on all workstations, copy this file from the PracticeIQ file share on the web server into the Practice Management directory on the workstation (i.e. C:\Adv2000) . 

PIQ portal is now ready to use and you can run it by clicking aQPortal.exe in the Advance

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should aQPortalsetup.exe be run. If at any stage you are prompted to run the portal setup wizard, select cancel immediately. This will cause all users to lose all the rights to PIQ report and all the Saved Reports are missing. 

Please used the ZIP file to install Practice IQ Portal V 9.0

Please used the ZIP file to install Practice IQ Portal V 9.1

Please used the ZIP file to install Practice IQ Portal V 9.2

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