Please note - All our Known issues are now available for viewing on our known issues list , this article, KA-01693 will no longer be maintained. 


This article has all Known Issues to date relating to the Xcede Professional Accounting 11 release.

The knowledge article contains details of known issues, hotfix files where available and information relating specifically to this release.

This article does not include Known Issues which are not part of this release.


Issues raised

The table below lists some of the issues that have been raised and resolved since the above release.

Issue Knowledge Article APS Ref Status Date Fixed
Chart Mapping Error 91 when importing transactions from Reckon Accounts Enterprise Accountant edition 2020 KA-04053 XCED-3965 Fixed XPA11.1
Chart Mapping Error 'Invalid Header' when importing MYOB Essentials transactions into XPA KA-04081 XCED-4045 Fixed XPA11.1

Chart Mapping
Chart Mapping KA-03739 XCED-3655 Logged  
Practice Filelist Error occurs when printing Practice File List with a filename filter entered. KA-04041 XCED-04022 Logged  

Leased Asset
Leased Asset fix KA-03728 XCED-3623 Fixed  XPA11.1
Assets Asset Description- Apply Capital Loss on Sale
  XCED-3642 * Fixed 22/06/2020
FRF  Custom FRF Groups moved to the wrong section after a Refresh from the Template
  XCED-3741 * Fixed 22/06/2020
BankData Rounding or out of balance once imported where a transaction is 6 or more digits, with decimals. eg: $399,546.57 on import rounds to $399,546.60
  BDFA-619 * Fixed 22/06/2020  XPA 11.1
BankData Hot key to enter a split   ‘S + enter’ is not defaulting to split
  BDFA-647 Fixed in BankData 22/07/2020
BankData Feed collection summary : Last transaction date showing date of report, not last transaction
  BDFA-663 In Progress  
BankData Feed collection summary : Total number of bank transactions is excluding transactions on the last day of the range.
  BDFA-665 In Progress  
BankData Editing an existing rule may change the order of the rules.  If this happens, you will need to reposition the rules in order of preference
  BDFA-575 In Progress  
BankData Feed Collection Summary is not presenting dates and number of transactions correctly.
  BDFA-690 Fixed in BankData 15/10/2020
BankData BankData Launch error after selecting Transfer
"invalid integer"
  BDFA-767 Fixed  in BankData 29/07/2020
BankData ANZ AU Bank Feeds not displaying transactions.    BDFA-764 Fixed in BankData 29/07/2020
BankData Ruses were doubling transactions causing duplicate XPA entries   BDFA -771 Fixed in BankData  31/08/2020
BankData Undo an editable description would not always save   BDFA -610  Fixed in XPA  
BankData Once a transaction is locked the editable description should not be editable   BDFA -740 Fixed in BankData 16.09.2020
BankData QIF import > 999 not working   BDFA -769 Fixed in BankData 16.09.2020

Name change on ANZ feed screen when setting up)   

Should be ‘Add Direct feed’ not ‘Download Feed Form’  

  BDFA -809 In Progress  
BankData Editing Header on the last row doesn't stick   BDFA-745 Fixed in BankData 05.11.2020
  • Fixed status - the fix is included with the hotfix download
  •  Marks the latest fixes included in the hotfix
  • Hotfix files Last updated - 22.06.20

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