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This article describes how to move Elite Practice Management to a new PC.


1. First take note of your previous PC's Machine ID and your Customer ID. 

  • Go to Reckon Elite > Practice Setup > Enter Unlock Codes 

2. On the old PC run a backup of the database from your existing PC 

  • Go to Elite Practice Management > Practice Setup > Backup > Standard Backup

3. On your new PC install Elite PM, Tax and other Elite applications you are using

4. Locate the new Machine ID

  • Go to Practice Setup > Unlock Codes > Top right corner of unlock code entry screen

5. Call the Elite Licensing team on 1300 306 561 to register the new Machine ID

6. On the new PC restore the database from a current backup.

  • Go to Practice Setup > restore > follow onscreen instructions

7. Prepare your AUSkey, you can transfer this from the old PC or download a new one from ATO (quicker and easier to download a new one to the new PC)

  • Note To transfer AUSkey from the old PC you may need assistance from your IT support:
  1. On your old hard drive, the AUSkey should be located at: C:\Users\[yourname]\AppData\Roaming\Auskey\keystore.xml
  2. Locate the information to replace [yourname] with, go to Start > search Run > type %AppData% > press ‘OK’ > Add the correct name into the path above
  3. Copy the keystore.xml file and transfer it physically or electronically to the new PC
  4. Paste it into the same location on the new PC: C:\Users\[yourname]\AppData\Roaming\Auskey\keystore.xml

7. Once installed, set up the AUSkey in Practice Management

  • Go to ATO Processing > PLS Set Up > New > Browse > Open the Keystore File .xml > Select the AUSkey > Enter the ATO Portal password > Save > Close
  • For any issues with the AUSkey going forward, please see KA-02176
  • For getting set up on Elite Hosted, see KA-02320

Note: This article is for the Elite Product range only. Learn more here - www.reckon-elite.com.au

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