This article highlights all Known Issues to date relating to Reckon APS Tax 2019.

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Last Updated: 14/10/2019

Status - Under Investigation. These errors have been reported by our clients but haven't been confirmed as a bug. Once it's confirmed as a bug, a KB will be created and listed.


- Current Release 2019.5.0 (23rd September 2019)

Reckon APS Tax 2019.5.0


KA Form Type Status Workaround

ASLRPT, ITCRPT, ASCRPT report displays multiple clients with the same TFN and same name

KA-03169 Reports Under Investigation No

Exception [SQLException], Message = Received an invalid column length from the bcp client for colid 42 error when running bulk AS for a specific matter

KA-03143 AS Under Investigation No

Unchecking 'Show TFN" in Print Options does not work in R & D schedule attached in company return

KA-03139 Company Under Investigation Yes

Reckon APS Tax 2019.4.0


KA Form Type Status Workaround

BAS Amendment Issues - CMN.ATO.AS.EM170

KA-03095 AS Under Investigation No

AusIndustry Innovation Number only allows 8 characters

KA-03085 Company Fixed in 2019.5.0 No

VR.ATO.RPTTAXPOS.000013  - RTP Category C Number

KA-03074 Company Fixed in 2019.5.0 No

Small business tax offset is not calculating in individual return

KA-03075 Individual Fixed in 2019.5.0 No

Tax on Lump Sum Superannuation incorrect in Deceased Estate

KA-03076 Trust Fixed in 2019.5.0 No

Reckon APS Tax 2019.3.0

Description KA Form Type Status Workaround

The system has found some ghost returns for the client(s); These returns will be removed.

KA-02541 All Information in KA Yes

Removal of ghost return warning

KA-02659 All Fixed in 2019.4.0 No

SBR.GEN.FAULT.GENERALERRORINCORE - An unhandled error occurred within Core Services

KA-02514 All ATO issue No

When creating Activity Statement, Tax Manager freezing after selecting AUSKey

KA-02652 AS Fixed in 2019.4.0 No

Document ID is currently not available for Tax List reports

KA-02651 AS Information in KA Yes

2019 Company return - adding new assets

KA-02658 2019 Company

Fixed in 2019.4.0


Reportable tax position schedule does not print under facsimile copy

KA-02538 2019 Company Information in KA Yes

Service console not working - 'CheckAndDeleteIfEFTRSUnsubscribe'

KA-02756 CU Under Investigation No

SFSS does does not import into the return from the ATO prefill

KA-03040 2019 Individual Fixed in 2019.5.0 No

Taxable Income for spouse is not being updated in the Instance Document

KA-03037 Individual Under Investigation No

ATO Prefill does not contain PAYG summaries to be integrated into 2019 Individual returns

KA-02677 Individual ATO Issue


MYO Health Insurer does not appear

KA-02639 2019 Individual Fixed in 2019.4.0 No

2019 IITR lodgment error: CMN.ATO.DDCTNS.000008

KA-02635 2019 Individual

Fixed in 2019.4.0


No ATO response was received.

KA-02752 2019 LCMSF Fixed in 2019.4.0 Yes

After printing from Tax Manager, message Reckon APS Tax is currently busy... and need to close and reopen Tax Manager to proceed.

KA-02532 Tax Manager

Fix in KA

Fixed in 2019.4.0


ITCRPT report not retaining data from multiple Tax Agents.

KA-02539 ITCRPT Fixed in 2019.4.0 No

Reckon APS Tax 2019.2.0

Description KA Form Type Status Workaround

Treasury Laws Amendment - Tax Offset

KA-02394 - Information in KA No

Version control cannot be done 2019.2

KA-02324 VC Information in KA No

Request not generated when 2020 selected as Tax Year

KA-02273 Tax Agent console Information in KA No

Unable to Populate Due Dates in Tax Manager for 2019 Returns

KA-02420 All Fixed in 2019.4.0 No

Activity Statements are blank and do not get prefilled in Tax Manager from the ATO portal

KA-02396 AS Fixed in 2019.4.0 Yes

Capital Works Worksheet prints Assets twice

KA-02490 Income Tax User Error No

Trust Distribution Received - Trust Type Code C for special disability trust is missing

KA-02489 Individual Under Investigation No

CMN.ATO.IITR.730001 Work related care expenses

KA-02464 Individual Fixed in 2019.3.0 No

ITCRPT is missing clients

KA-02501 ITCRPT Under Investigation No

Right click to Print option is unavailable for Client update forms in Tax Manager

KA-02384 Tax Manager Fixed in 2019.5.0 No

Validation errors VR.ATO.TRT.432311 and VR.ATO.TRT.432314 in 2018 Trust return

KA-02288 Trust Fixed in 2019.4.0 Yes

Reckon APS Tax 2019.1.2

Description KA Form Type Status Workaround

T21 transmission error

KA-02063 ELS Returns ATO Issue No
DateDownloaded only shows against the most recently downloaded report in Agent Forms KA-02097

Agent Forms

Under Investigation No

CMN.ATO.GEN.500090 Reporting Party (Instant) period date is invalid

KA-02046 AMIT Fixed in 2019.2.0 No

VR.APS.AS.000068 Credit from PAYG instalment variation

KA-02229 AS Fixed in 2019.2.0 No

EFT code does not print for Activity Statement

KA-02115 AS Fixed in 2019.2.0 No


KA-02189 EX Form Under Investigation No

TFN still shows in FTE after unchecking Show TFN in Print Options

KA-02236 FTE Under Investigation No

Industry code does not flow through to P9 from Business Income worksheet

KA-02080 Individual

Under Investigation


Local file master file lodged in APS successfully but says Not Lodged on ATO portal

KA-02125 LCMSF Fixed in 2019.5.0 No

Unknown error occurred Lodging Prior Year Return

KA-02105 Prior Year Under Investigation No

Exception reports are ELS only

KA-02256 Reports Enhancement Requested No

EFTRS report not formatting correctly

KA-02093 Reports Fixed in 2019.2.0 No

ASRPT is printing each client on each page causing thousands of pages to be printed

KA-02058 Reports

Fixed in 2019.4.0


EFTRS report date is not working

KA-02054 Reports Fixed in future release Yes

How can I filter ASRPT by Report date?

KA-02053 Reports Enhancement Requested No

How can we filter ITCRPT by Status?

KA-02052 Reports Enhancement Requested No

2017 TW and FTE not available in SBR




Fixed in future release Yes

Unable to lodge 2018 TT form

KA-02245 TT Form ATO Issue No

Reckon APS Tax 2019.1.1



Form Type


How to run a version control for 2019.1.0

KA-01883 VC Information in KA

Reckon APS Tax 2019.1.0



Form Type



Version control cannot be done for 2019.1.0

KA-01873 VC Fixed with a script Yes

AS90 Business Variation - T3 - New varied rate

KA-01900 AS Fixed in 2019.2.0 Yes

Batch Processing does not show period for AS

KA-01890 AS Fixed in 2019.1.2 No


KA-01877 AS

Fixed in future release


CMN.ATO.AS.EM060 when varying PAYG installments

KA-01882 AS

Information in KA


ABN Division Number can not be empty

KA-01871 AS Information in KA Yes

2019 Activity Statement ELD printed 2018

KA-01851 AS Fixed in 2019.1.2 Not Required

Document corrupt during save operation. Rollback failed

KA-01878 AS

Fixed in 2019.1.1


Amended document cannot be opened following creation or it is in read-only mode

KA-02050 Amended Return Under Investigation No




Fixed in 2019.2.0 No


KA-01901 BAS ATO issue No

The operation has timed out error when lodging

KA-01899 Batch Processing ATO issue Information in KA Yes

Cannot search by DIN in Batch Processing

KA-01889 Batch Processing Fixed in future release No

Information not Being Distributed to Beneficiaries




Under Investigation No


KA-02013 Individual Fixed in future release Yes

Spouse income dropping off

KA-01887 Individual Fixed in 2019.1.2 Not Required

Tax Client Report showing return status as Received while it still shows Not Lodged on the ATO portal

KA-01905 Tax Agent Report Fixed in 2019.1.2 Not Required

There is an error obtaining the data

KA-01904 Tax Agent Report

Fixed in 2019.1.2

Not Required

Get report service completed with errors. No pending receipt is available for the selected agent.

KA-01898 Tax Agent Report Fixed in 2019.2.0 No


KA-01934 Trust

Fixed in 2019.1.2


ATO Problems with EFT Reconciliation Report

KA-01906 EFT Reconciliation ATO Issue No

Reckon APS Tax 2019.0.0


KA Form Type Status Workaround

V10B- The return form you have lodged is an old version and no longer accepted



Information in KA


CMN.ATO.AS.000120 - the value sent is neither too large nor negative

KA-02099 AS Under Investigation No

Cannot create an amended SBR Activity Statement



Fixed in 2019.1.0





Fixed in 2019.1.0


List service completed with errors. Access to the activity statement is not available. Contact the Tax Office.



Fixed in 2019.1.0


Cannot access SBR Validation reports after lodgement



Fixed in 2019.1.0


CUREL not pushing accounts into the Client Update Form



Fixed in future release


Unable to lodge Return Not Necessary for some trusts



Information in KA



KA-01836 AS Fixed in 2019.1.0 Yes
Simpler BAS


AS Information in KA Yes
Missing Period in Tax Manager for SBR Activity Statements


AS Fixed in 2019.1.0 -

Test has failed: Exception [STMSenderException], Message = Fault Exception occurred calling VANguard STS

KA-01798 Fixed in 2019.0.1 -

Prefill only brings in first employers ABN

KA-01833 Individual Fixed in 2019.2.0 Yes

System Out of Memory

All Under investigation No
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