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This article discusses how to create and lodge SBR Activity Statements which is available in Reckon APS Tax 2019.0.0 and Reckon APS Tax Manager and Elite Forms 2019.0.0 only. If you are on a lower version, please upgrade to 2019.0.0.


  • The return type is now named Activity Statement instead of IAS and BAS.
  • Activity Statement is available under the 2018 and 2019 matter under (Reckon Tax) and only for 2019 Matter under (Elite Forms).
  • More than one Activity Statement can be created for each matter.
  • Any ELS IAS or BAS created cannot be lodged after 31 March 2019.

For details on SBR Activity Statement, please refer to this Activity Statement Guide


YouTube link

YouTube link

Steps on how to create Activity Statement:

1. Click on Add button in Tax Manager to add new returns to the selected client.

2. Select the relevant Tax Matter, Return Type Activity Statement and click on Add in the Add Tax Return screen. If users are unable to find the form for Activity Statementplease refer to KA-01106

3. At this stage, user will need to select the AUSKey credentials to connect to the ATO and request a not-lodged list of Activity Statements for the client. The ABN, TFN, TAN and Agent ABN will be used to determine the list.

  • When the transmission is complete, a dialogue screen will appear with a list of available or not lodged activity statement forms that can be created and lodged for the requested client.
  • Once the list is retrieved, the List Service will show the Form Type, Period Start date, Period End date, Lodgement Due Date and Amendment.

4. Select the return from the list that you would like to create.

  • Business Activity Statement will be prefilled with information from the ATO using the AUSKey.
  • Blank statement is available for manual creation of the Activity Statement.

5. Open the return and complete the form as required.

  • The form type will be prefilled and non-editable.
  • To manually select the form type, users will need to create a Blank Statement.

6. Clear any SBR validation errors, save and lodge the return.

AUSKey Information

All users using this service will need an AUSKey with the required permissions. It is recommended to regularly check the access manager permissions given to each AUSKey as the ATO are frequently making changes. Please follow the links below for further information:

ato.gov.au - Access Manager permissions for ATO and ABR online services

Reckon Tax Manager - Configuring an AUSkey

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