This feature is available in Reckon APS Tax 2019.0.0 and Reckon APS Tax Manager and Elite Forms 2019.0.0 only. If you are on a lower version, please upgrade to 2019.0.0.

For details on SBR Tax Agent Reports, please refer to this Agent Report Guide.

  • It is important that you only run the report once each day for each agent. If you reschedule it to run again on the same day, you'll get an error from the ATO (CMN.ATO.ODRPT.EM1001 — Only one 'Whole of Agency' report can be requested per day).
  • It takes approximately 1 hour to retrieve the report.
  • Agents with more than 20,000 clients must retrieve the report between 9 pm and 06:00 am. The ATO only make it available between these times.

Steps to create SBR Tax Agent Reports:

1. In Tax Agents console > Manage Request, select the report you would like to request.

  • Selecting any report will display it in the Agent Forms list. Users can request more than one report at a time.

  • The Date Downloaded will be updated once the report is received.

2. To lodge the Agent report request, Go to Batch Processing > Select the form and click Apply to lodge.

  • The form types will have the same name in Batch Processing and will be ready for lodgement.

3. As the lodgement does not get the report instantly, users will have to select the button Retrieve Pending SBR Reports in Batch Processing to retrieve any available reports from the ATO.

4. Once the report has been received, you can view the new report in Standard Reporting by selecting the respective report and view.


  • Users can view old ELS reports received in Standard Reporting under ELS Reports.

AUSKey Information

All users using this service will need an AUSKey with the required permissions. It is recommended to regularly check the access manager permissions given to each AUSKey as the ATO are frequently making changes. Please follow the links below for further information: - Access Manager permissions for ATO and ABR online services

Reckon Tax Manager - Configuring an AUSkey

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