This article has all Known Issues to date, relating to the Advance Practice Management 11.2 Release.

This article only includes Known Issues raised for this release.

The Known Issues are detailed separately in the Knowledge Base articles listed below.

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The table below lists items that have been raised as a known issue since release.

Collection was modified error when opening multiple consoles All Fixed APS.Console.UI.exe 02006
Credit Centre error - inaccessible Central Console Credit Centre Fixed Version Control (11.2005) 02062
Run-time error 9 in Fee Activity screen Central Console Fee Activity Fixed ABCFeeWIPAlloc.ocx 02104

Fees Console - unable to include future WIP and sometimes the blue Que 'i' icon is not displaying

Fees Console - Worklist / Debtor right mouse ‘Raise Fee’ did not create the fee if the Matter column was not in the grid

Fees Console Fixed apFeeEngine.dll



Statements run contains only the first statement in the batch Debtors Fixed APS.PM.Correspondence.dll 02291
Client Detail Report - extended the pop-up to allow for clients that have more details to report Central Console Fixed aRWMisc.dll  
Fees - further performance improvements Fees Console Fixed




Version Control (11.2005)

Work Centre - Current milestone was not correct in some circumstances Workflow Fixed



Version Control (11.2005)

pdf Appendix 2

PM Toolkit - records created in new Attribute Sets can only be seen by the person that created the sets PM Toolkit / Attributes Fixed Contact APS Support to arrange for a correction script to be run on the database 02480
Delete a milestone (no actual date) , regardless of where, appears to ALWAYS update the Last Completed Milestone on the matter to an erroneous number. This causes the Matter NOT to appear in the Work Centre. Milestones Fixed APS.RP.Data.dll 03065
Hyperlinks in Invoices do not display correctly in Microsoft Edge browser Invoices     03102
Matter Console-DBNULL Error when replacing matter milestones and/or deleting matters Client Matter Fixed APS.RP.Data.dll 03720
Cloud Services - A new Fee Earner Rate cannot be used in Mobile/Web Timesheets Web-Cloud Timesheet With Development   01207
How to identify and correct reconciliation issues in Cloud timesheets Web-Cloud Timesheet With Development   03705
The SMTP settings for office 365 which utilised TLSv1.2 failed Email invoice and statement FIXED   04052



NOTE ONLY for PM 11.2003 or 11.2004

Please check your 'About Advance' screen, if  you are on PM 11.2003 or 11.2004 you must apply the Correction Since Release files. Click on this link to download the Version Control. 

Make sure to run the version control to upgrade to 11.2005 first before applying the Corrections Since Release .


NOTE ONLY for PM 11.2005

Please check your 'About Advance' screen, if  you are on PM 11.2005, you don't have to run Version Control. You can apply the Corrections Since Release.


Corrections since release fix files are available to download from - PM 11.2 Corrections since release

How to apply hotfix files

Download Hotfix



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