Frequent Asked Questions for Activity Statements 

Below is list of frequent asked questions for SBR Activity Statements. 

Q1: How do I create SBR Activity statements? 

A1: The instructions and videos are available via KA-01744 

Q2: How do I create an amended Activity Statement? 

A2: The information is available via KA-01817 

Q3: What are the known issues?

A3: Please refer to KA-01716 for Reckon APS Tax and KA-01717 Reckon APS Tax Manager and Elite Forms.

Q4: Why am I getting V10B error while lodging the Activity Statement?  

A4: The return has been created in ELS and it needs to be deleted and recreated in SBR. (KA-01834)

Q5: The period of Activity Statements doesn't show in Tax Manager. When will this be fixed?

A5: This functionality will be fixed in the next release (mid April 2019). 

Q6: Can we create SBR Activity Statements in Bulk? 

A6: This function is not available.  

Q7: Do I need to use Import Activity Statements from the ATO for SBR AS? 

A7: The data (prefill) will be retrieved from the ATO via List Service when the activity statement is created. 

Q8: I created a BAS in ELS, can I lodge it via SBR?

A8: The ATO will no longer accept ELS version of the form. You will need to delete and re-create a new Activity Statement in SBR. 

Q9: How do we lodge older BAS/IAS? 

A9: This will be fixed in a future release. Currently, older forms will need to be lodged via the portal. Please refer KA-01837 for further information. 

Q10: How do we update the postal address in Activity Statement?

A10:  The postal addrsss is default from the ATO prefill. Ideally, they must always have the most current information i.e. address. When an AS is created via the Prefill, then most infomation like the address are read-only. Return Integrity check will not update the address due to restriction as above. Also this is to be sent back to ATO within the AS form thus cannot change. However, when an AS is created as blank, then the user can peruse the information from Practice Management. Return Integrity check will update the address to whatever changes occurred

Q11: Is Simpler BAS available in APS? 

A11:  Users can create a Simpler BAS within the Activity Statements. It is available inside the form under Goods & Services Tax (GST) Section (Screenshot below). Please refer to KA-01832 for further information. 

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