Frequent Asked Questions for Activity Statements 

Below is list of frequent asked questions for SBR Activity Statements. 

Q1: How do I create SBR Activity statements? 

A1: The instructions and videos are available via KA-01744 

Q2: How do I create an amended Activity Statement? 

A2: The information is available via KA-01817 

Q3: What are the known issues?

A3: Please refer to KA-01716 for Reckon APS Tax and KA-01717 Reckon APS Tax Manager and Elite Forms.

Q4: Why am I getting V10B error while lodging the Activity Statement?  

A4: The return has been created in ELS and it needs to be deleted and recreated in SBR. (KA-01834)

Q5: The period of Activity Statements doesn't show in Tax Manager. When will this be fixed?

A5: This functionality will be fixed in the next release (mid April 2019). 

Q6: Can we create SBR Activity Statements in Bulk? 

A6: This function is not available.  

Q7: Do I need to use Import Activity Statements from the ATO for SBR AS? 

A7: The data (prefill) will be retrieved from the ATO via List Service when the activity statement is created. 

Q8: I created a BAS in ELS, can I lodge it via SBR?

A8: The ATO will no longer accept ELS version of the form. You will need to delete and re-create a new Activity Statement in SBR. 

Q9: How do we lodge older BAS/IAS? 

A9: This will be fixed in a future release. Currently, older forms will need to be lodged via the portal. Please refer KA-01837 for further information. 

Q10: Is Simpler BAS available in APS? 

A10:  Users can create a Simpler BAS within the Activity Statements. It is available inside the form under Goods & Services Tax (GST) Section (Screenshot below). Please refer to KA-01832 for further information. 

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