An issue has been reported in Reckon APS Tax 2019.1.0 where the following error message is displayed:


Below fields will need to be completed when encountering the above error

  • Original date form due (AS23)
  • When using PAYG income tax instalment, users will need to complete:
      1. Available PAYG instalment reporting options (AS85)
      2. PAYG income tax instalment reporting option (AS84)
  • When using Goods and services tax (GST), users will need to complete:
      1. GST on sales or GST instalment (AS104)
      2. GST on purchases (AS105)

If the above has been completed and users are still experiencing the issue, please contact support. In some instances, this issue is still under investigation. In the interim if the return is urgent, please lodge the affected activity statements via the ATO portal.

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