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For the Practice I.T. Administrator

  • The Reckon specification for the Advance®Tax Australia database for this release is Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 or newer.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 is the minimum pre-requisite for running Reckon APS Tax.
  • Advance®Practice Management (PM) 9.1.5 is the minimum pre-requisite for Tax Manager.

Checking the Database Version

To check the installed PM and TM database versions proceed with the following steps:

1. From the Advance® Applications menu, open Central Console.

2. Select Help > About Advance®…

3. Alternatively, access the About Advance®… screen by opening it from the Tools section of the Advance® Applications menu. All the available database versions will be listed. The current versions are:

  • Advance® TaxAustralia: 201X.X.X
  • Advance® TaxForms Australia: 201X.XX.XX

Upgrade the Database

Database Backup

Please create a backup of your database (normally named aps_dsql) before continuing with this install.

  • It is essential that a database backup is taken as it can be used as a restore point if any problems arise during the database upgrade.
  • Do not proceed unless your PM and Tax database versions are correct.
  • Do not proceed unless your PM application version is correct.
  • Do not proceed unless a backup of your database has been made.

If the database needs to be restored, any work carried out since the backup cannot be recovered. It is important that users exit Advance® Practice Management during the backup process and for the duration of the database upgrade.

Extracting the Version Control

The following steps show where to store the vAusTax_2019_1_0.mdb version control file:

1. Locate the vAusTax_2019_1_0.mdb file from the extracted version control folder (attached above to this KA).

2. Copy this file to the Adv2000 directory or to the folder where Advance® Practice Management has been installed.

Running the Version Control


The version control must be run from a workstation that has at least a runtime version of Microsoft Access installed.

  • The database upgrade process is only carried out once and it is not required to be run from each workstation.
  • A DSN database connection needs to be established in order for a successful database upgrade. Connecting via a DSN-Less connection will not work.
  • It is important that all users exit Advance® Practice Management for the duration of the database upgrade.

Should you encounter problems or the following message while running the version control, please contact our support team immediately.

In this instance, do not allow staff back into Advance® Practice Management until advised by our support team.

The following steps explain the procedure to run the vAusTax_2019_1_0.mdb version control:

1. Locate and open the vAusTax_2019_1_0.mdb file in the Adv2000 folder.

This message confirms the database version is currently 201x.x.x. Press OK to continue to upgrade the database version to 2019.1.0.

2. The Advance Database Upgrade screen will open. Ensure the database name is displayed correctly and the data version is 2018.8.0 or newer before proceeding. Click Start.

3. Confirm that a backup of the database has already been made.

4. Once the version control has run successfully, the following message box will be generated advising the process is complete. Click OK.

5. Click on Close to shut the version control form down.

You have now successfully upgraded your database version to 2019.1.0.

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