An issue has been identified in Reckon APS Tax 2019.1.0 where the following error message is appearing in an Activity Statement with Pay As You Go Instalments (PAYGI) and the PAYGI is not being varied.

AS90 Business Variation - T3 - New varied rate  A value is required in this field

This issue is logged to be fixed in Reckon APS Tax 2019.2.0 release (estimated to be released 24/06/2019).

The workaround to clear this error is:

If using Option 1 - Pay a PAYG instalment amount

  • Change the PAYG income tax instalment reporting option to Option 2 
  • Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 below
  • Change the PAYG income tax instalment reporting option back to Option 1.

If Option 2 - Calculate PAYG instalment using income times rate

Step 1: Go to PAYG Income Tax Instalment > Calculate PAYG Instalment Using Income Times Rate

Step 2: Enter a new varied amount at T3 and a Reason code for the variation at T4 - the error should now be cleared

Step 3: Delete the information you entered at T3 and T4 - the error will still be cleared

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