An issue has been reported in Reckon APS Tax 2019.1.0 and Reckon APS Tax Manager and Elite Forms 2019.1.0 where the following error is received when viewing Tax Agent Reports in Standard Reporting:

There is an error obtaining the data

This issue is fixed in Reckon APS Tax 2019.1.2. If you are still having issues please follow the below workaround:


  • Advance Application should be closed for all users
  • The actions below should be performed wherever system the application is installed


  1. Download and save the DLL file
  2. Go to C:\Adv2000
  3. Find and rename the existing aTReports.dll to aTReports.dll.OLD
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded DLL file at C:\Adv2000


  1. In Advance Application, open Standard Reporting
  2. Go to Selector > Tax – ATO
  3. Then, Tools > Tax – ATO > select any of the SBR Agent Reports confirmed to be downloaded
  4. The report should either display a report or to the least the following message dialogue – if blank:

Please note an issue has been reported where the report being viewed is incorrect. For further information, please refer KA-01905.

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