From the beginning of April, a PLS error is preventing a very small number of agents using cloud services (less than 200) from subscribing to EFT Reconciliation reports or accessing a number of other reports. For example:

• EFT reconciliation report
• Activity Statement Client report
• Activity Statement Lodgment report
• Income Tax Lodgment performance report
• Income Tax Client report.

This is an ATO ptroblem; not a problem with software.

Information provided in the Activity Statement and Income Tax Clients Reports is available via the Tax and BAS Agent Portals, as well as the Online Services for Agents. Online Services for Agents will also provide information in relation to lodgment performance.

For details please refer to

EFT Reports

The ATO have addressed the issues impacting EFT reports in the practitioner lodgment service (PLS).

Registered Agents subscribed to receive SBR EFT reconciliation reports should restart their normal process in their software to download and retrieve reports.

If trying to download multiple reports from different days, continue to put in get request as the oldest report will be downloaded first and each subsequent request will download the next oldest until you get to the most recent report.

Continue this process in your software until you receive a No reports available message. This means you have reached the top of the list and have all the reports available.

If you think there are any outstanding reports from prior days after completing this process, please contact the ATO at the EFT Helpdesk on 1800 802 308.

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