What is TDS?

Transaction Data Services - a new data delivery method that uses cloud technology for the overnight B2B download.



Why do we need TDS?

From April 2019, INC and Family type transactions will no longer be available through the current overnight TAWS (Tax Agent Web Services) download. These transaction types have migrated to the new TDS service. TDS is therefore required for your daily IRD transactions download.

Where are my TDS Transactions? 

If you are missing some TDS transactions review our article which talks about why your transactions may not be downloaded. 

What types of transactions can I expect?

Other than INC and Fam transactions, tax type transactions such as GST and FBT that have not been available since April 2018 will be available as part of TDS.  Other transactions include:



Will My B2B look different?

Apart from the additional tax types and transactions descriptions, the IRD transactions page in the Tax Admin console will look the same.



Where is my Sync with IRD button?

Sync with IRD was an 'on-demand' function. Due to all transactions now being delivered via the Cloud services - this is no longer available.



Will my B2B settings as configured in SUPS still be relevant - such as my 'Automatically Match Transactions'?

Not at this stage. Due to the additional tax types and the change in delivery method, auto-matching, inserting and prov access reversal is not currently available and should be handled manually. Please see the TDS Update at the bottom of this page for details



How do I get TDS?

Your practice will need Practice Management 11 and have cloud services installed. Once setup, complete the TDS setup as detailed in the TDS Setup instructions.

Click here for the PM11 and APS cloud website

Click here for the TDS video

Click here for the TDS Setup Instructions



What is my Reckon APS Email and Password?

This will be the Cloud System e-mail address and password sent during your Cloud Service set-up by one of our consultants. An email address within your domain used to authenticate your on-premises APS services with your cloud environment. 



I forgot my APS Password (as above) and when I reset it, I'm still not able to log in:

See KA-02155 for steps on resetting the Cloud APS password



When linking my Tax agent to the IRD, which IRD log in should I use?

Log in with either a MyIR owner account or MyIR admin account.


Why does it seem like not all of my transactions are being downloaded?

An issue has been identified in this regard and is currently under investigation by the Tax developers.


I'm not getting any IRD transactions!

Contact APS support


I've been inundated with transactions!

Many practices are receiving hundreds of thousands of IRD transactions. We are working on a best practice guide on dealing with these transactions. The matching/ inserting and discarding functionality is working and will improve in future updates. For now, you can apply custom filters to hide, for example, all transactions containing 'converted' in the description - to leave a more manageable transaction list. See KA- 01968 for tips on editing the filter

Please see KA-02074 for all TDS updates.

What information will be received?

TDS provides data for all of the major tax types. Previously, we have not been able to provide transactional data for GST, but this will now be available. TDS Setup Instructions | NZ Tax Management 2019.04 Reckon Limited | PAGE 10 OF 11 TDS will also be able to receive many other tax types transactions which aren’t necessarily used by or relevant to most client’s processes in APS Tax. It is possible to determine which tax types are seen with the Tax Application by referring to the IRD Tax Types page in the Compliance Admin console.

How this will be received?

In terms of how IRD transactional data is received, there is no change to the information that you will see or the way in which it is processed. You will be able to receive transactions both daily and weekly. Individual ledgers can be synched with IRD using the green sync button exactly as before. Visually, the Transaction type descriptions will change for the new system, but these changes are minimal and will be similar to the previous B2B descriptions provided by TAWS. In addition, TDS now includes the ability for Tax Agents to receive GST transactional data, a service that has not been available for a number of years. Therefore, once connected to TDS service, you may notice historical GST related data being received.














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