1. Have you previously received an EFT Reconciliation Report under ELS?

Yes - Your Trust Account details are already on file at the ATO - SKIP to Step 3.

No –  Trust Account details need to be provided to the ATO. - Proceed with Step 2

  1. Open Tax Agent Console > Agent Forms > Manage Request to create the Manage Agent Trust (MAT) report, which will Add or Update your Agent EFT information based on the Bank Account details entered on the Tax Agent Details screen. 

Please Note - You will need to lodge the MAT report and receive a confirmation Receipt from the ATO acknowledging that your new/updated Trust Account details have been provided, before moving on to Step 3 to Subscribe to EFT reports. This receipt will be shown in the Date Downloaded column below

  1. Open Tax Agent Console > Agent Reports > Manage Requests to create an EFT Reconciliation Statement EFTRS (Subscribe) Request

TIP - Remember to change the Tax Year field to 2018 if preparing the request prior to 30 June 2019

  1. Lodge the request(s) created at Steps 2/3 via the usual Batch Processing channels
  2. Allow up to 24 hours for the ATO to process your request(s) and prepare the report for retrieval
  3. Retrieve any undelivered EFT Reconciliation Reports using the Retrieve Pending SBR Reports button in Batch Processing > Lodgement screen

TIP - If EFT reports are being retrieved for more than one date, you will need to click ‘Retrieve Pending SBR Reports’ repeatedly until you receive the message

No Report Available

  1. View the EFTRS report via Standard Reporting, using the Selector Tax-ATO, where a date selection prompt will be made available showing all Retrieved EFT reports.

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