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The following updates have been applied to the Reckon APS NZ Tax TDS Application. This cloud application can be located at: 'localhost:7331/products' from Chrome on the machine on which the Reckon cloud services are running. Note the latest version (highlighted below). The installed version and latest version should agree. If they differ, refresh the screen. If they still differ, please contact APS Support.

TDS Update 30/09/2020 (Version = 1.0.66)

Resolved installer issue for clients with SQL Server2008R2 or older

TDS Update 25/09/2020 (Version = 1.0.65)
  • Identify and prevent incorrect reversal discards
  • Fixed Payments now using SUPS 'Number of days variance for Auto Matching' value 
  • Resolved issue of AVAR's not being shown in the ledger page when TDS transactions are automatically matched and AVARs created into 'Net Tax' account.

TDS Update 05/11/2019 (Version = 1.0.48)

Resolves the issue of the 901 repx file showing the new terminal tax calculations in a misleading way, where there are outstanding provs included in the calc.


TDS Update 31/10/2019 (Version = 1.0.47)

This resolves the tax credits on the tax summary issue, as well as updating the text to replace the terminal tax description to show Net Tax instead.


TDS Update 14/10/2019 (Version = 1.0.43)

Update to terminal Tax calculations to exclude variances assigned to the terminal tax transaction


TDS Update 26/09/2019 (Version = 1.0.42)

Update scripts changed to include SQL parameters 


TDS Update 11/07/2019 (Version = 1.0.41)

Improved error logging


TDS Update 10/07/2019 (Version = 1.0.39)

Improved error logging


TDS Update 17/06/2019 Version = 1.0.36)

New faster batch retrieval of transactions from improved APS datastore**

Transaction batch size increased from 200 to 3000 transactions per request.

**APS datastore now provides all of prior day’s transactions by start-of-business.


TDS Update 31/05/2019 (Version = 1.0.33)
A new version of TDS deployed overnight. This version contains a number of enhancements to improve processing speed and handling of transactions. There are additional enhancements to the stored procedures for identifying duplicate TDS and TAWS transactions and includes corrections to some edge cases where duplicate transactions were inserted.


TDS Update 24/05/2019  (Version = 1.0.32)

The latest TDS Service contains improvements to background processes.

Click here for the full list of TDS transactions descriptions as requested at the Auckland and Cambridge Tax Admin User Group meetings.


TDS Update 21/05/2019  (Version = 1.0.31)

The latest version incorporates improved performance enhancements, additional matching & insertion capabilities. Work is continuing to identify and widen the scope of auto processes. Reversals of penalties are now auto discarded.


TDS Update 9/05/2019 Version = 1.0.27)

We have in the last 30 minutes deployed new version (1.0.27) of the TDS service in production.

It will auto-install at midnight tonight OR can be manually installed immediately via the local web app on your ‘APScloud-services-server’… http://localhost:7331 as per the image above (IT administrator maybe required)

The new version has a couple of improvements.
It resolves the mis-assignment of tax year on some transactions which will assist in discarding more identified duplicates.

The service now also does match/inserts on the TDS transactions.


TDS Update 7/05/2019

This is a general update on the TDS project and covers a number of varying issues

Tax Agent linking and TDS Transactions

There are a number of clients still having issues linking Tax Agents and receiving transactions through TDS. We are in the process of investigating these and identifying if it is the result of the same issue or a variety of issues.

One issue that has been identified, is with the resetting of passwords for the APS Cloud Services and this has prevented both linking and transaction receipt. We are working with Cognito on this and will give an update following resolution

Initial TDS Service update

  • Since the TDS service commenced, there has been an update deployed to allow the system to handle additional duplicate transactions. These were as a result of an IRD change for non-March Balance Date clients
  • Any further edge cases of duplicates will be isolated and the service updated to handle these
  • A fix will be deployed within the next few days to correct an issue where some transactions are shown against an incorrect year. This relates to clients who’s Balance Date has been changed within the last three years
  • A further update within the next two weeks, will reintroduce the automatic matching of transactions and the inserting of payments


Manual Handling of Transactions

  • The manual insertion or manual matching of transactions by the Tax Administrator is perfectly fine. As each update to the service is deployed, more transactions will be handled by the system and less manual intervention will be required


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