An issue has been reported in Reckon APS Tax 2019.x.x where the following error message may be triggered when trying to lodge a prior year return via Batch Processing:

An unknown error occurred.


To lodge prior years returns in Elite form, please make sure the Elite forms are installed in the lodgement machine. 

Check the settings under Tax Manager>User Settings & System and User Settings.

Under Tax Manager please click on user Settings.

That will open up the Options screen as shown below, Please note the ELS_Lodge_Path & ELS_Receive_Path and check these locations actually exist on your computer or Network. You should also have complete rights to these locations.

Note: There have been situations where clients have a setup where shared drives on a network are used and this resulted in the same lodgement error. You will need to create a folder on the C drive and direct the location to that folder.

The Screen Shot above shows the default location of ELS_Lodge_Path & ELS_Receive_Path, If yours is different, Make sure you have full access to the path given under your option window. We recommend for these paths to be set up as above under the ADV2000\TaxForms directory, as we know that all users have full control of ADV2000 directory as that’s where the software is installed. If you are unsure of what paths to put in here and if they are different from above, you can create these folders (C:\ADV2000\TaxFroms\Lodge & C:\ADV2000\TaxForms\Receive) as shown above, once the folders are created you can then update the Option Window screen above with the updated Paths for these two fields.  

Once the User Settings >Option Paths are setup correctly.

Please open System and User Settings from under System Administration Consoles.

That will open System and User Product Settings, Please Click on View Settings and Select System in the top menu.

Once you are in System Settings, Please click on AUSTAX on the left hand side, and look for the Same two fields ELS_Lodge_Path & ELS_Receive_Path.

These two should be exactly the same as you saw in User Settings>Option window under tax Manager. If they are not the same please update these to be exactly the same as your user Settings.

Again we recommend to keep them under the ADV2000 Folder, where the software is installed so we are sure that you have full control and access to that location.

Once it’s confirmed that both locations have the same Paths, and the user has full access to that location, open Batch Processing to lodge the ELS return. Select the return and in the lodgement screen you will confirm the Lodgement Method is set to ELS.

Click on Apply To Lodge the return. Please remember although the lodgement method was set to ELS, and upon clicking on Apply it will default to ELS, but please click on SBR.

Upon Clicking on SBR you will get the SBR Lodgement Window Confirming the lodgement is sending an ELS Documents.

Since we are using the SBR method for ELS Lodgement, it’s a common screen that shows the system is trying to connect to the ELS gateway Via SBR, that would be shown by the below screen, that the system is trying to connect. Please let it run, we have seen it can go upto Try 50 of 100 before it will connect to the ELS gateway to lodge your file.  

Once it’s connected and lodged, It will return a message of All Forms Lodged Successfully. You will then be able to print the Validation Report.

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