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It's EOFY 2019, a busy time of year for our accountants. Stay on top of of the latest frequently asked questions to help you with the latest changes

What changes have been made in the Elite Tax software June 2019 release? 

The EOFY 2019 release includes the 2019 Return and schedules including annual rate changes for various items and the below changes. 

Company Tax Return 

No changes to the return but there are changes to the below schedules

  • The Reportable Tax Position Schedule - New schedule
  • The International Dealing schedule  - has considerable changes, including an entire new section

Individual Tax Return

  • New income sub item at Q24 for First Home Super Saver amounts
  • New Deductions schedule

How do I get my Agent reports? 

Agent reports are available, see KA-02175 for further information on how to request and retrieve these reports. 

Can I create 2019 ledgers before year end? 

2019 Ledgers can be created as soon as the EOFY release has been installed, as you need the new version of ledgers usually released with EOFY Elite release. 

How can I find out what ATO Tax changes have occurred for 2019 Year End? 

Check out the ATO Site for more information on Tax 2019 changes 

My AUSKey has expired, how do I renew it? 

We have a knowledge article dedicated to all your AUSKey questions, take a look to find out how to renew an expired AUSKey and more. KA-2176

When do the ATO start processing returns? 

 Full processing of 2018–19 tax returns on 5 July 2019

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